CS07 Introduction to Database Management System

Theory:  45 hours

Prerequisite: Basic knowledge of Computer

Unit 1

Data, Database, Database management system(DBMS), Characteristics of the database approach, Role of Database administrators, Role of Database Designers, End Users,  Types of DBMS, Applications of  DBMS,  Advantages of Using a DBMS and When not to use a DBMS .

(7 Hours)

Unit 2

Data Models – Categories of data models, Schemas, Instances, and Database state.  DBMS Architecture and Data Independence – The Three schema architecture, Data independence.  DBMS Languages and Interfaces.

(7 Hours)

Unit 3

Using High Level Conceptual Data Models for Database Design, Example Database applications.  Entity types, Entity Sets, Attributes and Keys.  Relationships, Relationship types, Weak Entity Types and Drawing E-R Diagrams.     

(7 Hours)     

Unit 4

Relation, Integrity constraints - domain, entity and Referential integrity constraints, Basic Relational Algebra operations, select, project and join operations. Functional dependencies and Normalization for Relational Databases - Normalization concepts, first, second, third normal forms, Boyce-Codd normal form.                        

(9 hours)

Unit 5

Queries, sub queries, correlated sub query, views, updation of a database through views, Update, Delete. Hands on Experience.                                                           

(15 hours)

Text Book:

1.      Elmasri & Navathe,  Fundamentals of Database Systems,2nd Edition, Addison – Wesley

Reference books :

1.      O`neil Patric & O`neil Elizabeth, Database Principles, Programming and Performance, 2nd Edition, Margon Kaufmann Publishers Inc.

2.      Silberschatz, Korth, Sudarshan, “Database System Concepts”, 4th Edition, Mc Graw Hill

Open Electives