Number of Hours: 45 (15 hours of theory and 30 hours of practicum)

Number of Credits: 2
Maximum Intake: 40
Eligibility: Undergraduate and Postgraduate students of Psychology  (Optional)
Undergraduate and Postgraduate students of Non- Psychology students (Mandatory)


Course Description
The certificate course engages students, academicians and clinicians on classical and contemporary issues in the field of psychoanalytic studies.  It aims to facilitate reading and discussion on case studies and clinical issues addressed in psychoanalytic literature. Using group discussions and workshops as a pedagogy the present course focuses on the core theoretical issues in psychoanalytic practice. Through online lectures and seminars from nationally and internationally acclaimed psychoanalyst, the course aimed at understanding the current practice trends in psychoanalysis. The syllabus is structured around the following topics : History of  Psychoanalysis , The Indian context: The contribution of Girindrashekhar Bose, Early Indian psychoanalysts, Contribution of SudhirKakar and the contemporary scene , Techniques in psychoanalysis, Sexuality , Childhood and psychoanalysis, Freud :case studies,Film and psychoanalysis , Self work.

Open Electives