Programme Outcomes (PO) for M.Sc Psychology

By the end of the programme students will be able to demonstrate competencies in the following :

PO1 Disciplinary Knowledge:
PO2 Critical Thinking
PO3 Research Skills
PO4 Communication and social Interaction:
PO5 Effective Citizenship
PO6 Ethics
PO7 Environment and Sustainability


Programme Description:
M.Sc. in Psychology (Human Resource Development and Management) offered by the Department of Psychology, is a two-year full-time program, which prepares students for applications of psychological knowledge in organizations/ industries. This course is interdisciplinary in nature and is offered to those students who wish to achieve professional expertise in the management of human and social sides of work organizations. Since all organizations are essentially human, managing the human side is seen as the most critical element in organizational success. The program in HRDM attempts to equip students with wide range of competencies and skills and also provide training in various personnel functions.


Programme Objectives :

1. To provide an understanding of the psychological factors that influence behaviour of individuals in organizations/industries.

2. To understand the behavior of employees in social context of the work place.

3. To equip the students in various Human Resource Management skills.

4. To impart quality research and development skills with hands-on-experience in research.

5. To prepare students with various personal skills enabling them to be successful HR practitioners.

6. To train students in various psychometric assessment methods for various HR functions.

7. To equip the students to manage intra and inter individual issues at the workplace with the help of psychological techniques.

8. To develop an appreciation of cultural factors in management, especially those related to Indian cultural system.


Programme Specific Outcomes (PSOs)

At the end of the programme, students will be able to demonstrate competencies in the following areas
PSO1 Meta-cognitive skills
PSO2 Research Skills
PSO3 Negotiation and Influencing
PSO4 Emotional Management
PSO5 Business Acumen
PSO6 Leadership


Open Electives