Number of Hours: 45 (20 hours of theory and 25 hours of practicum)
Number of Credits: 2
Maximum Intake: 30
Eligibility: Undergraduate and Postgraduate students of Psychology (Optional)
                  Undergraduate and Postgraduate Non- Psychology students (Mandatory)
Course Description

Yoga is the art and science of living, and is concerned with the evolution of mind and body. Therefore, yoga incorporates a system of disciplines for furthering an integrated development of all aspects of the individual. The emphasis of the course is on positive physical and psychological wellness. The focus is on physical postures or asanas, pranayama or breathing techniques and sustained concentration or dhyana.
Through the practice of physical postures or asanas, the spinal column as well as the muscles and joints are maintained in a healthy and supple state. Pranayama is important not only for optimizing breathing potential but also for cultivating emotional stability and freeing mental and creative energies in a constructive way. Dhyana is important for controlling the turbulent mind and channeling focused mental energy creatively.
The practice of Yoga creates a balance in the total personality. This course has been structured  as a skills training programme.

Open Electives