The Ph.D program in Political Science offered by the Department of International Studies, Political Science and History is a doctorate level program that aims to groom students into well-rounded research scholars. Challenging and enriching, this program is especially promising to students seeking careers in academics and research, that can span across institutions of education, research, media and so on, in both public and private sectors. It is an apt academic option for future academicians, researchers and policy makers looking to gain knowledge, skills and intellect that can be applied to international relations.
Driven to contribute new research and fresh perspectives to the discipline, the Department of International Studies, Political Science and History has designed the curriculum to be inter and multi-disciplinary, accommodating theoretical, philosophical and analytical aspects of international relations. Research initiatives that handles various dimensions of Political Science including political theory, political thought, government, comparative politics, public administration etc are particularly welcomed and encouraged, as the program recognises inter and multi-disciplinary research to be the way forward.
The program is structured to offer a comprehensive Coursework in the initial phase, which ensures the scholars are well-equipped to carry out quality research that produces novel findings. Conceptually-grounded, policy-friendly research is promoted in order to suit the dynamic discipline of International Studies.
Eligibility as per the University Norms.