Objectives - 45 Hrs
Liberalisation policies being pursued by most national economies in the world today, including India creates the need to acquire knowledge and comprehension of Globalisation as ideology along with its practical dynamics.  The course intends to provide a sound understanding about the various components, and issues of this ideology at an introductory level.  The methodology will be learning centered and so will be one of intensive facilitation by faculty of the reading to be done by students.  
UNIT 1 -  15 Hrs
Globalisation: Brief History – The Marrakesh Meet – Globalisation as a contested concept – Debate of Globalisation as a new phenomenon
UNIT 2 - 15 Hrs
Dimensions of Globalisation: The Economics Dimension – The Political Dimension – The Cultural Dimension
UNIT 3 -  15 Hrs
Ideology: The Ideological Dimension of Globalisation – Challenges to Globalism – Assessing the Future of Globalisation. 
Recommended Readings
1. Manfred Steger ‘Globalisation the new Market Ideology’.
2. Joseph Stigliz ‘Discontents of Gloablisaton’

Open Electives