Pursuing a Research Degree provides the candidate with an opportunity to determine his own specialised field of study. The aim is for students to acquire in-depth knowledge and experience in a particular field through original investigation. In M.Phil., the candidate is expected to analyze a topic selected by him, as well as, show a well-grounded theory of research methodologies that is applicable to the field of study. This is not that easy because the applicant must practice uniqueness and originality on how he or she makes use of his or her knowledge and find out ways to expand the limits of the current knowledge using good researching skills. Using research avenue, the M.Phil. seeks to give the candidate an understanding of how to stretch the limits of knowledge.
The programme consists of following papers:
1. General Research Methodology
2. Legal Research & Methodology
3. Elective 1
4. Elective 2
5. Dissertation
Students are required to select two elective papers from the following list:
1) Cyber Law
2) Intellectual Property Law
3) Competition Law
4) International Trade Law
5) Medical & Health Law
6) Law of E-Commerce2.3 Postgraduate Programmes