M. Tech (Power Systems) is a two-year full time programme. An important branch of engineering, this program, deals with issues at the intersection of electric power, economics and management of power and provides professional knowledge in power generation, transmission and distribution, and power equipment. The course deals with the state of the art techniques in Power System analysis, stability evaluation planning, reliability and forecasting. The course also covers subjects on high voltage DC transmission, Industrial electronics and controls, Power electronics and drives, wind and solar energy electric conversion systems and advanced topics in microprocessors and micro controllers which are very much needed for todays power system engineer.
The students can specialise in a range of subjects including Energy Management Systems which hold immense potential in the future global scenarios where efficient use of power comes to centre-stage. Projects of practical relevance in these areas are carried out in the final semester of the course.
The courses have been tailored by leading academicians and experts from the industries. Emphasis has been given to the latest developments in industry wherein expertise is required. Steps have been taken to further strengthen the present system in the country while framing the syllabus.


M.Tech Power system BOS (2013 Regulation)