Academic Collaboration :


Name of the Programme/Courses Institution/University/Organization associated with
B-Tech in Computer Science and Engineering Catholic University of America
MTech(CSE)/MTech(IT) Kyungpook National University, Korea


Industry Collaboration :

Red Hat Academia

Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Faculty of Engineering signed a Memorandum of Undertaking (MOU) with Red Hat Pvt. Limited for the Red Hat Academia Program with the effect from 16th May 2018 for the period of one year.
The benefits that will be incurred due to the formal MoU are as follows
•  Certificate courses for students and the faculties with a concession on the exam fees.
•  Faculty development program for nominated faculties
•  Orientation programs for the student community
•  And technical sessions on open source tools.
The Red Hat Subscription contains the following
i)   Authorization to access to and use of the curriculum for 200 students
ii)  Course is offered through Red hat or Red Hat academy.
The Red HAT COURSES provided are:
•  RH124- Red Hat System Administration I
•  RH134- Red Hat System Administration II
•  RH254 Red Hat System Administration III
•  CL110 Red Hat Open Stack Administration I: Core Operations for Cloud Operators
The Red Hat SERVICES are:
•  Red Hat Academy Standard program
•  Red Hat Academy Standard Program Add-on Student.


CISCO Network academy

Cisco® CCNA Routing and Switching course is a part of Cisco Networking Academy® program and is offered by Department of CSE, Christ University (Kengeri Campus).  This hands-on, lab-oriented course has prepared for exciting career opportunities in the technology industry.By completing the course, a certification of completion is earned and the following competencies are acquired.
• Understand and describe the devices, services used to support communications in data networks and the Internet, the role of protocol layers in data networks, apply subnet masks and addresses, use of CLI commands to perform basic router and switch configurations.

•  Understand and describe basic switching concepts and the operations of Cisco switches, dynamic routing protocols, distance vector routing protocols and link-state routing protocols, types of ACLs for IPv4 and IPv6, DHCP, DNS and NAT.



Tech Mahindra

TechMahindra and Faculty of Engineering, Christ Universityhave been collaborating towards a common goal and have established a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to formalize this collaboration. The general objective of this MOU is to stimulate and facilitate the development of collaborative programs which serve to enhance the manpower development and research in the field of engineering. Techmahindra, a leading software company, who has proven expertise in various areas of engineering and information technology, has joined hands with Christ University Faculty of Engineering to bridge the gap between what the industry needs and the curriculum offered in academic institutions. This collaboration would include establishment of training centers, collaborative research, technical manpower resource development and projects in collaboration.

Faculty of Engineering, Christ University has always strived hard to give the best to its students and to make them employable from day one of joining the industry. Department of Computer Science and Engineering, being a dynamic department has established such MoUs with various industry partners to achieve this. The curriculum has already been tailored to impart training on state of the art technologies to the students. Through this MoU with Techmahindra, the Department aims at equipping its faculty members to teach latest technologies like IOT by training selected faculty members on various technologies. Two selected faculty members have already undergone first level training on IoT platforms like Bosch Suite and Microsoft Azure. Internet of Things has been included in the curriculum for the Fourth semester students as an outcome of this collaboration.   

Apart from faculty training and collaborative research and projects, TechMahindra has also agreed to train students for Faculty of Engineering, Christ University. Selected students would be given internship opportunities with the company and will work on latest technologies. Ten students have already carried out successful internships at TechMahindra during summer vacation in 2016. MoU with TechMahindra has thus opened various new avenues for the students as well as the faculty members to fine tune their technical skills. The company has also been recruiting our students for the past three years. The department believes that such initiatives are essential in shaping the future of our students and such industry relationships help us in preparing them for the competitive job market.

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HealthyX is the flagship product of Sentinel Health Management India Pvt. Ltd. HealthyX is one of its kind product in India providing health management services using the latest technology available. They are a pioneers in bringing healthcare devices to the individuals and integrate these devices with their advanced integration engine, which allows communication from all systems internal and external (Labs, Hospitals).


Working towards this goal an MoU was signed between HealthyX and Christ University in Oct 2015, under which a in-house lab was set up in the college premises.  After a rigorous process of interviews and tests, 6 students (2 students from Mtech 3rd sem  and 4 studetents from BTech 7th sem)  were offered internship under this collaboration between the two institutions. The students worked under the guidance Mr HG Devanand (external guide) and an internal guide from the department. They worked on building a product for the company to enhance patient care.