Blossoms Alaap

In a world where everybody is in a mad rat-race to survive, most youngsters are not in synchrony with their roots or culture. Alaap is our attempt, at the Department of Management Studies, to bridge these gaps and help the students come in contact and connect with their culture, in a perfect blend of Indian and Western aspects of the society.

‘Blossoms’, the cultural fest renamed as ‘Alaap’ in the Deanery of Management Studies, is the fest of exuberance that the students of the Department look forward to. With no restrictions on the number of events any individual student can participate in, Alaap is an arena open to the versatility of every student.


Offering a plethora of events to choose from, Alaap, each year, is a fun filled journey that exults creativity and innovation, to a higher level. Alaap is also the precursor to Blossoms, which helps to find the best talents in each category, to represent the Department, at the University Finale of Blossoms.After all, the enthusiasm and the probing and unleashing of talents, is what the Department and CUMA strive to achieve – and that is exactly what Alaap facilitates.