Christ University Global Network Association(CUGNA)

Christ University Global Network Association (CUGNA) is a forum which provides a platform for students from different countries and background to discuss the global issues in relation to business. In today’s world it’s important that we have a dialogue about our shared global challenges. We may not find solutions for everything, but we develop new and valuable perspectives from which everyone could gain.

The objectives of CUGNA are-
-To give an exposure to the students on current global issues
-To create a better international relationship through mutual understanding.
-To expose students to an international scenario in terms of business, society, culture tradition etc.
-To develop the skill set of students and provide a chance for the students who are well versed in international affairs to participate in the sessions conducted.
-To create a sense of harmony amongst people of different cultures
-To ensure that foreign students have a safe environment where they can learn and
explore the new culture into which they are in, and bring about a sense of warmth and

On 26th February, 2015 the CUGNA held its annual panel discussion and ensured both an educative and an entertaining experience for the audience. Ex-Christites who had previously enrolled for credit transfer sent videos informing the audience on their experience in a foreign country. This helped the foreign students attending the panel discussion understand how Indian students also felt in their own respective countries.
Zealous Productions splendidly captured the emotion of a student in a foreign country and the culture shock that everyone feels and enacted the same. This was followed by a few games like teaching the foreign students Hindi and teaching them how to wear a saree.