Research Facilities


Mechanical and Automobile Engineering Department has good number of MOUs with industries such as FESTO, BOSCH, Tech Mahindra, Tata Advanced Materials, Mercedes Benz Research and Development India, and also with Academic institutions such as FHWS, The Catholic University of America, etc to access latest developments in the field.The Doctoral programme is designed to provide researcher with fundamental, traditional core courses coupled with specializations in a particular advanced field of interest.

The Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degree in Mechanical Engineering is designed to meet the needs of a rapidly evolving scientific and technological environment in the 21st century. The department has well equipped labs with latest equipment like 3D Printer, KUKA Robot, FFT analyzer, Wind and Solar Energy Emulator, Bio Diesel Plant and Computerised Research Engines with all accessories to measure fuel properties and pollution parameters to cater the need of researchers.


  • Thermal Barrier Coating Laboratory
  • Surface Engineering Laboratory
  • Alternative Fuel Engine Laboratory
  • Advanced Machining Laboratory
  • Non Conventional Energy Resources Laboratory

Facilities Available in the Department:

  • Advance Composite lab
  • Advance Machining Lab
  • Engine Diagnostics
  • Biodiesel Plant Fuel Property Testing
  • Engine Test Rigs
    • a. Multi Cylinder Diesel Engine Test Rig with 50HP Water cooled Eddy Current Dynamometer with and without turbocharger and EGR
    • b. Nissan Micra 1.5L Diesel engine test Rig, Multi fuel with Eddy Current Dynamometer
    • c. Computerised Multi Fuel Research Engine, VCR, CI and SI mode with Eddy Current Dynamometer
  • Emission Testing Equipments
  • Free Beam Transverse Vibration System (FFT analyser with vibration generator)
  • Surface Engineering and Coating
  • Renewable energy utilization
  • Robo / PLC Lab and CNC Machines

Research activity spans major verticals of the broad spectrum of Electrical and Electronics Engineering which include (but are not limited to):

  • Design
  • Fluid Mechanics
  • IC Engines and Alternate Fuels
  • Materials
  • Robotics
  • Thermal and Energy Systems

Research Expert and Expertise

S.No. Research Expert Expertise No. of ongoing Research Scholars
1 Dr. Gurumoorthy s Hebbar Diesel Engines, Alternate Fuels 2
2 Dr. Shankar v Thermal 2
3 Dr. Pranab Das Industry waste utilization -
4 Dr. Parvati Ramaswamy Nano coatings ,
Low thermal conductivity coating
5 Dr. Parthasarathy Mechanical vibrations 1
6 Dr. Pal Pandian p High speed machining , Machining of Thin wall structures,
Mechanical Vibrations
7 Dr. Francis Xavier L Tribology, Composite Materials -
8 Dr. Shijo Thomas Metal matrix nano composites, powder metallurgy, composite manufacturing -
9 Dr. Pradeep kumar Composite Materials ( mmc) -
10 Dr. Anil Raj Metal cutting, Cutting fluid reduction -
11 Dr. Jangam Sasidhar Active Vibration Control, Nano Composites -
12 Dr. Dileep V Nair Fluid flow and heat transfer -
13 Dr. Satyanarayana Alternative fuels, Combustion modeling -

Research Scholars:

S.No. Batch Name Research Domain Title of Research Status Research Supervisor
1 2013 Reghu V R Thermal Engineering Thermal Barrier Coating Development on Piston Crown and simulation of Low Heat Rejection Engine Ongoing Dr. Shankar V
Dr. Parvati Ramaswamy
2 2016 Praise Tom Vibration Control Design and analysis of active vibration control system for tractor engine Ongoing Dr. Shankar V
3 2016 Kiran K Fuel Engines Process development and experimental investigation of biofuel on a multi-fuel engine Ongoing Dr. Gurumoorthy S Hebbar
4 2016 Vivek K S Battery Anode Materials Experimental investigation on the influence of multiwalled carbon nanotubes as composite anodes to enhance the performance of lithium ion batteries Ongoing Dr. Gurumoorthy S Hebbar
5 2016 Pasupuleti Kirti Teja Thermal Coatings Synthesis and characterization of Zirconia based pyrochlores and functionally garded thermal barrier coatings Ongoing Dr. Parvati Ramaswamy
6 2016 Gowtham Sanjai S Nano coatings Synthesis, characterization and process development of plasma sprayed nano coatings Ongoing Dr. Parvati Ramaswamy
7 2016 Hadiya Pritesh Dulabhai Design Static response of helically wound cables under bending Ongoing Dr. Parthasarathy
Dr. Gurumoorthy S Hebbar
8 2016 Ivan Sunit Rout Manufacturing An Investigative Approach to Hard Machining Of Inconel Alloy with Coated Carbide Tool Ongoing Dr. Pal Pandian P

Thermal Barrier Coating Laboratory
Advanced Machining Laboratory
Alternative Fuel Engine Laboratory
Surface Engineering Laboratory