Notification of PhD Viva Voce Examination

Scholar: Mr Marie Joseph Gerard Rassindren

Subject: Economics

Supervisor : Dr V Basil Hans

Date: 19/08/2019  at 11.00 am

Venue: Syndicate Room

Title: Impact of CSR on Consumers’ Purchase Intent with Reference to Information Technology Professionals in Bengaluru

Abstract: Today market participants’ choice behaviour has multiple objectives. Consumers through their purchase choices attempt to achieve both materialistic improvement and social betterment resulting in a phenomenon called Consumer Social Responsibility (CnSR). However, there is very limited research on how consumers can impact corporate social responsibility through their buying behaviour. This study seeks to explore whether consumers’ awareness of CSR affects their purchase intent and if their knowledge of CSR situations would induce them to pay premium for such a product. The results of the study show firstly that consumers’ awareness of CSR does not mediate the relationship between their disposition to be socially responsible in purchase and their purchase intent. Secondly it also highlights that consumers do not clearly and significantly distinguish between corporate contexts that are high versus low on CSR, although willingness to pay premium for CSR product features are associated with the respondents income level. But the consumers’ vote in the form of consideration to buy sharply falls when the hypothetical enterprise in the study is low on the environment aspect of CSR even though it might be high on other aspects of CSR. This implies consumers have differential affinities to specific social issues and not all social issues are valued equally. In fine, these finding suggest that firms have to pursue social issue specific CSR, be more transparent in their CSR disclosure and move from mere CSR provisioning to CSR engagement by their potential consumers.