List of some spurious journals

A few of the journals which are considered spurious are given below. If faculty members publish any articles in any of these journals, CHRIST (Deemed to be University) will not approve those publications for any kind of employment benefits. Research scholars will not be given weightage in publishing articles in the following Scopus/WoS indexed journals. Please follow the UGC guidelines carefully.


  1. Adalya, ISSN:1301-2746
  2. Advances In Mathematics Scientific Journal, ISSN: 1857-8365
  3. Aegaeum,ISSN:0776-3808,
  4. AIMS Medical Science, ISSN: 2375-1576
  5. AIMS Neuroscience, ISSN: 2373-2972
  6. Archives of Pharmacy Practice, E-ISSN:2045-080X
  7. Civil Engineering and Architecture Journal, ISSN: 2332-1121
  8. Egyptian Journal of Ear, Nose, Throat and Allied Sciences, ISSN: 2090-0740
  9. Gedrag en Organisatie, ISSN:0921-5077E-ISSN:1875-7235,
  10. International Journal of Advanced Research in Engineering and Technology
  11. International Journal of Advanced Science and Technology
  12. International Journal of Civil Engineering and Technology
  13. International Journal of Control and Automation
  14. International Journal of Electrical Engineering & Technology
  15. International Journal of Engineering and Advanced Technology
  16. International Journal of Future Generation Communication and Networking
  17. International Journal of Innovation, Creativity and Change, ISSN:2201-1315E-ISSN:2201-1323
  18. International Journal of Innovative Technology and Exploring Engineering
  19. International Journal of Management
  20. International Journal of Mechanical and Production Engineering Research and Development (IJMPERD), ISSN: 2249-6890
  21. International Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Technology, ISSN:0976-6340 E-ISSN:0976-6359
  22. International Journal of Psychosocial Rehabilitation, ISSN: 1475-7192
  23. International Journal of Recent Technology and Engineering
  24. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences(IJRPS), ISSN : 0975-7538
  25. Journal of Advanced Research in Dynamical and Control Systems (JARDCS), ISSN: 1943-023XP
  26. Journal of Aerospace Technology and Management (JATM), ISSN:2175-9146
  27. Journal of Critical reviews (JCR), ISSN: 2394-5125
  28. Journal of Experimental Biology and Agricultural Sciences (JEBAS), ISSN: 2320-8694
  29. Journal of Food Quality and Hazards Control, ISSN: 2345-6825, 
  30. Journal of Green Engineering, ISSN/E-ISSN : 1904-4720/2245-4586
  31. Journal of Mechanics of Continua and Mathematical Sciences (JMCMS), ISSN: 2454-7190
  32. Journal of Stomatology, ISSN: 2299-551X, 0011-4553
  33. Journal of Xi'an University of Architecture & Technology
  34. Mathematics and Statistics Journal, ISSN: 2332-2144
  35. NOVYI MIR, ISSN / eISSN: 0130-7673,
  36. Open Journal of Psychiatry and Allied Sciences, ISSN: 2394-2053
  37. Restaurant Business
  38. Test Engineering and Management: 
  39. Universal Journal of Educational Research, ISSN: 2332-3213
  40. Wutan Huatan Jisuan Jishu
  41. Xi'an Jianzhu Keji Daxue Xuebao
  42. Zeichen, ISSN:0932-4747,