Business Analytics and Python for Beginners

Business analytics is fundamental to business. Business analytics impacts how information is compiled and how business decisions are made. In the current business environment, organizations have an unprecedented amount of information at their fingertips. This rapid expansion of available information is transforming every channel of business and turning business analytics into a fundamental skill for decision makers at every level of an organization. With market competition stiffening, organizations are turning to data analytics to identify new market opportunities for their services and products.

Acquiring an interdisciplinary skill set like Business Analytics and knowing how to handle data has become an essential expectation for many career paths today. Foundation knowledge on Business Analytics and a powerful programming language like Python is going to be a career differentiator for many.

Course objectives and student benefits
• Gain foundation knowledge in Business Analytics and relevant tools like Excel, Tableau.
• Learn to program in Python language at a proficient level.
• Learn to execute a Business Analytics project using industry standard Project Management practices.
• Gain corporate insights and enhance skills that drive corporate success.


Presentation by Students :