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Sl.No. Title Name of Periodical Periodicity Date
Sl.No. Title Name of Journal Date of Publication Volume No/Issue No/Page No
1 Earnings Management to Meet Earnings Benchmarks: The Impact on Future Performance The Economic Research Guardian 07-Jun-2021 11 / 1 / 78-102

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Category Article in Research Journal
Sole Authored /Co Authored Co-Author
Title of Article Earnings Management to Meet Earnings Benchmarks: The Impact on Future Performance
Name of Journal The Economic Research Guardian
Volume No 11
Issue No 1
Page No 78-102
URL http://www.ecrg-journal.com/
Indexing Agency Scopus
Date of Publication 07-Jun-2021
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Sl.No. Title Place of Publication ISBN No. Month Year
Sl.No. Type of Program Role Name of Program Title of Paper Date Organising Institution Level
1 Conference Presenter RCEF 2020: 2nd Rajagiri Conference on Economics and Finance Earnings management to meet earnings benchmarks: The Impact on future performance 05/11/2020 Rajagiri College of Social Sicinces, Kochi International
2 Seminar Participant Use of Elsevier tools in research workflow 05/05/2020 University of Madras National
3 Seminar Presenter National Seminar on International FInancial Reporting Standards Managerial opportunism and earnings management behaviour: A review 11/10/2019 Pondicherry University National
4 Conference Presenter Calibration of Accounting Tools (Metrics, Methods and Reports) in the changing global scenario Degree of corporate real earnings management in India 18/03/2019 Pondicherry University International
5 Conference Presenter International conference cum workshop on business analyitics Real earnings management in India: An empirical evidence 19/02/2019 University of Calicut, Kerala International
6 Conference Presenter Contemporary practices in enhancing business excellence Accrual earnings management behaviour in India: An analysis based on various models 27/09/2018 Kristu Jayanti College, Bangalore International
7 Seminar Presenter National seminar on international taxation Accounting manipulations and taxation- Managerial choices and practices 06/04/2018 Pondicherry University National
8 Conference Presenter Emerging trends in global accounting, finance and taxation Earnings management: motives, methods and models 21/09/2017 Kristu Jayanti college, Bangalore International
9 Seminar Moderator/Chair National eminar on Indian Tax systems and Goods and Services Tax 03/03/2016 Department of commerce, Majlis arts and science college, Puramannur, Malapppuram, Kerala National
10 Seminar Presenter National Seminar on new frontiers in finance and accounting Earnings management- A conceptual overview 02/12/2015 Government college Kodencherry, Kerala National
11 Seminar Presenter National seminar on Financial engineering in India: growth rospects and challenges Paperless payments in India- A descriptive analysis on the current perspective 20/11/2014 NSS College, Nemmara, Kerala National
12 Seminar Presenter Two Day National Seminar on MAGNETIC Assets-Liability maturity mismatch- A hit on Indian banking sector 16/02/2012 Sree Narayana Guru College, Coimbatore National
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Sl.No. Title Guide Name Institution Month Year
Sl.No. Title Name of Student Institution Month Year
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Sl.No. Name of the Research Project Investigator(s) Sponsors Internal/External
Sl.No. Name of the Conference/Seminar Name of Organiser Level Date
Sl.No. Name of the Workshop/FDP/Training programme Name of Oraganiser Level Role Date
1 Faculty development programme-I Christ University Institutional Participant 06/07/2022
2 Three day FDP on Citation styles and Reference Lists Siva Sivani Institute of Management, Secunderabad National Participant 21/06/2021
3 Workshop on ethics in research Pondicherry University National Participant 06/07/2020
4 International Symposium on current trends in research and innovation Christ University, Lavasa National Participant 20/06/2020
5 Recent amendments in Companies Act 2013 ICSI National Participant 27/05/2020
6 Outcome based education and accreditation IILM College of Engineering and Technology, National Participant 25/05/2020
7 Two days workshop on research methodology Department of Management Studies, Majlis arts and science college, Puramannur, Malapppuram, Kerala Regional Invited Resource Person/Trainer 11/11/2018
8 Applied financial econometrics Government College, Nedumangad, Kerala National Participant 31/10/2018
9 An orientation on social science research Majlis Arts and science college, Puramannur, Malappuram, Kerala Invited Resource Person/Trainer 12/10/2018
10 Financial econometrics- Theory and applications Madanapalle Institute of Technology and Science, Andhra Pradesh National Participant 11/12/2017
11 Two dyas workshop on research methdology Department of management studies, Majlis arts and science college, Puramannur, Malapppuram, Kerala Regional Invited Resource Person/Trainer 27/11/2017
12 Statistical analysis for business research Pondicherry University National Participant 15/03/2017
13 Effective and innovative teaching DDUKK, CUSAT Kochi National Participant 07/03/2017
14 Foundations of empirical research methods IIM Kozhikode International Participant 24/12/2016
15 National workshop onintroduction to research, parametric and non-parametric, regression, classification and SEM Pondicherry University National Participant 17/10/2016
16 Ten days national workshop on research methodology in social sciences for PhD scholars Pondicherry University National Participant 31/03/2016
17 Two dyas workshop on parametric tests, univariate, bivariate and multivariate data analysis (ANOVA family) Pondicherry University National Participant 05/03/2016
18 National workshop on research methodology and SPSS VTB College, Sreekrishnapuram, Kerala National Participant 17/11/2015
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