M Sc (Strategic Management) is designed to provide opportunity for skill upgradation through higher education focused on strategic thinking and management for working/aspiring professionals.




-    To develop business leadership and managerial skills of students by offering a curriculum that gives a detailed overview of business strategy, its analysis, formulation and implementation enabling students to acquire skills necessary for organizational leaders
-    To train students in key transferable skills, such as design-thinking, strategic decision-making, Negotiation and Persuasion capabilities, Numeracy and Quantitative skills, Teamwork, Leadership, personal efficacy and effective use of ICT.
-    To facilitate the study and critical appreciation of various theories, tools and techniques of contemporary business and management practices.
-    To foster skills and knowledge that will enable one to lead more effectively and initiate dynamic changes in organizations, utilizing effectively the resources through strategic decision making.


-    This is a six trimester inter-disciplinary post-graduate degree programme that allows
-    The unique timings of the course helps to accommodate working professionals
-    It is also a good opportunity for students aiming for higher studies abroad who require a 16 year education requirement
-    Students can enrol in the course in any of the ongoing trimesters namely in January/April/June/September (after providing a prior notice of one month)
-    Industry experts, practicing professionals and experienced academicians enable effective and comprehensive coverage of the curriculum

Duration: 2-4 years (6 trimesters)


Class Timings :

Morning : 6:30 AM to 8:30 AM
Evening : 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM


Syllabus :