The Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations (UN) is a framework to ensure a sustainable future, the Seventeen Goals provide a blueprint to diverse global challenges such as poverty, gender discrimination, lack of infrastructure, quality education, climate change, conflict, and hostilities, etc.

The aim of the SDGs is to collaborate and mobilise efforts towards these challenges and as an institution of Higher Education with a global outlook, CHRIST (Deemed to be University) is committed to the achievement of the target through effective teaching, research, and collaborative learning. Advancing the principle of ‘leave no one behind, the initiatives of the institutions is vital to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals as they serve as incubators of new ideas and solutions to issues we collectively face. The Vision of the Institution in itself focuses on Excellence and Service which is indicative of the institution’s collective consciousness towards the well being of all. As an institution committed to the promotion of knowledge society, we have engaged with all the 17 Goals in various capacities of knowledge transfer and knowledge translation. 

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Goal 1 - No Poverty

The Goal focuses on the complete eradication of poverty and ensuring development for all. Christites are committed to the cause of the elimination of poverty through various contributions. The efforts of the Centre for Social Action through student’s engagement such as Child Sponsorship for underprivileged children, facilitation of Self-Help Groups in urban and rural communities, student sensitisation and encouraging citizenry are some of the many efforts towards Goal 1

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Goal 2 - Zero Hunger

The Goal aims at complete eradication of hunger, achieving food security, improving nutrition, and promoting sustainable agriculture. Several courses such as Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology, Chemistry, Botany, Master of Social Work, and other programmes focus on food security and food malnutrition. It is designed to install the value of sustainability and inclusion of all among the students. Besides, there are a large number of initiatives towards ensuring equitable access to food and the wellbeing of the people involved in the production and processing of food.

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