Course Work

•There will be a six-month coursework.
•The General coursework will be at the Hosur Road Campus and the programme specific coursework will be at the Bannerghatta Road Campus.  
•The General Coursework for the full-time scholars is on all the weekdays and for the part-time scholars on Saturday and Sunday.
•The Programme-specific classes will happen together for full-time and part-time scholars on two days during the week informed at the beginning of the programme.
•The fulltime scholars need to be on campus on all the working days. However, the part-time scholars need to attend the coursework and be available for progress report presentations and discussion at least once a month at the Bannerghattta Road Campus.

Research Supervisors
Dr Anil Joseph Pinto
Dr Arya P V
Dr Prerna Srimaal
Dr Rajeev Kumarakandath
Dr Rashmi Sawhney
Dr Rolla Das

The programme envisions empanelling leading scholars in cultural studies from across the country, based on the research areas of the scholar and the location.