The paper seeks to familiarize the students with concepts in economics, political science and media. Students will be introduced to topics pertaining to these subjects along with field work and practical components. Students will be groomed to apply this knowledge in their writings, and other media related activities.  Topics like technical writing, anthropology and writing political analysis will be focused upon.

 Course Objectives

1. Fundamentals of media.
2. Understandings of economics and political science through media.
3. To prepare students to undertake responsible writing with the help of these subject   knowledge.
To provide students with the in-depth understandings of the social science subjects.


 Programme Outcome:

Students graduate by majoring in Media Studies, Economics, and Political Science of Bachelor of Arts appreciate the relationships of politics, economy, society, and media in a range of domestic and international dimensions with interdisciplinary perspective. This combination is a unique among liberal arts degree offerings and distinctive compared to other similar degrees in the applied social sciences across India.


More specifically, triple major students of BA EMP will be able:

•  To resonance conceptual and theoretical aspects of politico economic communication with behavioral approach.
•  To learn teamsmanship to lucratively complete projects/tasks and communicate effectively and set up his/her own start-ups.
•  To appreciate the political-economy by applying digital technologies for reporting, retrieving, and analysing data.
•  To develop a scientific temper to validate current issues of national and global affairs in the information age.
•  To prepare for a career in a variety of fields including social entrepreneurship, civil services, research and development, media and communications, NGOs, or pursue postgraduate study.


Open Electives