University Student Council Members

Feel free to reach out to any Council member at any time. We look forward to hearing your thoughts, ideas and concerns.

Anuneeta Chatterjee

Representing - Center for Academic and Professional Support (CAPS)

Rohith Kumar

Representing - Center for Social Action (CSA)

Terence Wedzerai Mujuru

Representing - International Students

Savan Antony D'souza

Representing - National Cadet Corps (NCC)

Nikhil Ninan George

Representing - Peer Education

Ananya Shukla

Representing - Student Welfare Office (SWO)

Edwin Thomas

Representing - Faculty of Engineering

Harshit Sri Vathsava

Representing - Faculty of Engineering


Representing - Faculty of Engineering

Kirthana .S

Representing - Faculty of Engineering

Anirudh A Kulkarni

Representing - BA LLB (Hons), BBA LLB (Hons) and LLM (CAL, CCL & IPL)

Keya Rebello

Representing - BA LLB (Hons), BBA LLB (Hons) and LLM (CAL, CCL & IPL).

Pahul Sond

Representing - BA LLB (Hons), BBA LLB (Hons) and LLM (CAL, CCL & IPL).

Abishek R L

Representing - MA in International Studies and History

Vatsla Khurana

Representing - BCA

Rakshita Ramesh

Representing - Bsc (CMS / CME)

Shwetha S

Representing - BSc (PME / PCM)

Prasoon Kumar

Representing - BSc(BCB/BCZ)

Amith SJ

Representing - BSc(CBZ)

Anna K Jacob

Representing - BSc(EMS)

Bhavana N

Representing - MSc(Chemistry)

Kruthik P S

Representing - MSc(Mathematics)

Reya K John

Representing - MSc(Physics)

Dhruvraj Singh Bhati

Representing - BA CEP (Department of Media Studies)

Richard Johny

Representing - BA EPS & HEP (Department of Economics and Department of International Studies and History)

Rithika Krishna

Representing - BA JPEng (Department of Media Studies)

Christina Anna Sam

Representing - BA MPE, TEP & PEP (Departments of Music, Theatre and Performing Arts)

Kriti Dugar

Representing - BA PSEco (Department of Sociology UG)

Sanchia Alleen Aranha

Representing - BA PSEng (Department of Psychology UG))

Vinay A

Representing - MA Applied Economics and School of Education

Prachi Agarwal

Representing - MAMCS & MAEng

Anshul Khosla

Representing - MPCL, MPHRDM, MPCO (Department of Psychology PG)

Febin Jones

Representing - MSW HRDM, MSW CCP, MA Applied Sociology ( Department of Sociology and Social Work)

Ansh Iyer

Representing - B.Com

Sahil Shah

Representing - B.Com

Rosebeth Joy

Representing - B.Com Honours

Saahil Raj

Representing - B.Com Honours

Aparna Banerjee

Representing - BBA


Representing - BBA

G Prashanth

Representing - BBA

Albin Mathew

Representing - Department of Hotel Management(BHM)

Anns Maria Varghese

Representing - M.Com

Arihant P

Representing - MBA (Finance Management)

Ankit Puri

Representing - BBA Finance and Accounting

Adyasha Priyadarshini Biswal

Representing - Bcom Finance and Accounting

Yukta R Kukreja

Representing - Bcom Finance and Accounting

Priyanka Venugopal

Representing - Bcom International Finance

Karthik K S

Representing - Bcom Morning

R David Caleb

Representing - Bcom Professional

Yash Raj Singh Nigam

Representing - M.Sc Actuarial Science

Ramya R

Representing - MBA Leadership and Management

Anil Joy

Representing - MBA

Dharmaarjun K

Representing - MBA

Muskan Narang

Representing - MBA

Pranav Thomre

Representing - MBA

Rishika Sharma

Representing - MBA

Sherin Varghese

Representing - MBA

Srinath K Mukundan

Representing - MBA

Vritti Mishra

Representing - B.A. (English, Political Science, History)

Shiv Chhatrala

Representing - B.A. (Media, Economics, Political Science)

Vishal Parwani

Representing - B.A.Economics (Honours)

Rani Jana

Representing - B.A.English (Honours)

Diya Sethi

Representing - B.A.Journalism (Honours)

Nimisha Singh

Representing - BBA (Honours)


Anjana Nambiar

Representing - BBA (Tourism and Travel Management)

Anuj Sharma

Representing - BBA Finance and International Business


Jhala Shubhanginidevi

Representing - BSc. Psychology (Honours)

Debolina Patra

Representing - Masters in English and Cultural Studies

Abhishek M P

Representing - MBA - International Business

Alan Joseph John

Representing - MBA Tourism Management