About Us

The Student Council exists to enhance the overall graduate experience at CHRIST (Deemed to be University) by promoting the general welfare and concerns of the student body, creating new programs and initiatives to provide opportunities for growth and interaction, and communicating with the Christ University Administration and Faculty on behalf of students.

The council aim to imbibe and inculcate the Vision, Mission and Core values of the University; to provide constructive feedback on various aspects of campus life- academic programs, general discipline, library facilities, maintenance of the campus and other student service facilities; to assess and improve the potential for student placements and facilitate internship; to assist the anti-ragging committee to curb the menace of ragging completely; to identify and suggest methods of improving student life and student conduct and discipline; to suggest and implement student projects for holistic development; to identify, assess, evaluate and suggest the student perspectives in the development of Arts and Culture, Sports and Games, and other co-curricular/extracurricular activities including student participation; to assist student movements like CSA, NCC, SWO, CAPS, Peer Education Program, Cultural team, Sports and Games, etc.; to help interlink students, faculty, staff and management of the university effectively to forge an academic community.

The council is led by university level student council which is the apex body supported by the student council at the deanery level. The university Student Council consists of 61 students who represent various departments of the University.

Leadership Development Programme

The University Student Council undergo a two day Leadership Development Program that has been carefully designed by Jaikumar Chandrashekhar, founder of Inner Voice Consulting. The program involves hand-picked creative activities and discussions that boost the spirit of leadership and parallely promote bonding amongst the students and the faculty co-ordinators. The council members harness their energy in discussing about the future prospects that the council collectively aims at bringing forth in the University. Collectively, this two day program enhances and brings out the best leadership traits that an individual possesses for the collective growth of the student community at CHRIST.

Meeting with Father Vice Chancellor

The University Student Council members have a meeting once every semester with the Vice Chancellor. The Vice Chancellor convenes the meeting in which the Pro Vice Chancellor, Registrar, Deans and Student Council Coordinators and University Council members participate without fail. The Vice Chancellor may invite any other faculty/student to the meeting as he deems it necessary. The Student Council Coordinator along with the University Student Council members from respective deanery present their suggestions and feedbacks pertaining to academics during this meeting.

Regular Council Meetings (University Level)

The University level Student Council shall meet on a monthly basis with the Director of Student Council and faculty coordinators to discuss the proceedings of the council and convey the suggestions or feedbacks to improve the quality of life in the campus.  Discussions with the deanery level members are also presented during this meeting. The University Student Council Members also discuss about how to coordinate and conduct various events and activities across the campus. 

Regular Council Meetings (Deanery Level)

One of the major roles and responsibilities of a student council member is to improve the quality of life for the students at CHRIST(Deemed to be University). In order to ensure this, the University Student Council conducts regular meetings each month with the Deanery Student Council. This regular meeting is conducted deanery wise and is accounted for by the University Student Council Members. During these meetings students come up with constructive solutions for the various issues and also discuss how the existing practices of the deanery can be improved upon.

Open Forum

Each academic year two open forums are conducted by the University Student Council Members in the presence of the Deans, HOD, Academic Coordinators, Student Council Coordinator for the respective deaneries. This is a forum where all the deanery student council members would raise various concerns with regards to academic and others managerial issues to the concern faculty member, who would then provide the deanery student council members with an answer to the issue which later gets communicated to all the students of the respective department. This forum not only ensures that the student’s queries are heard by the management but also helps students understand the management’s perspective to the query.

Daksh -An Annual Education Fair

Daksh is an annual education and career fair conducted and organised by the Student Council and is the Student Council’s flagship event. Daksh is a two-day event conducted during the month of November or December. This event provides a platform for all the students to explore the various career options available to them at CHRIST (Deemed to be University). Each department across the campus sets up stalls displaying the various programmes that their department has to offer.  Various career dialogues by eminent personalities are conducted during this two-day event so as to provide students with an in depth understanding on how various careers look like in real life. These career dialogues are delivered by experts in various fields. The Student Council also developed an app called “Accord” during the academic year 2018-19 to ease the process of registrations during Daksh which made registrations hassle free and paperless and also recorded the interests of various individuals who would visit various stalls in order to develop a better understanding of where the interest of students lie.

Gratitude Week

The quality of gratitude is an attribute every individual should posses in his or her lives. To spread the feeling of joy, love and gratitude across the University, every year during the month of March, the Student Council conducts and organises gratitude week. This week is celebrated across the campus as a week of being thankful to each and every individual who has aided towards enhancing the overall graduate experience for students at CHRIST (Deemed to be University). During this week the Student Council organises numerous events for the Security, Housekeeping Staff, Gardeners, Non-teaching staff and Administration staff to have a fun and leisure time. A small token of appreciation is also handed over to all of them by the students. This fun week is concluded by the final event called “Gratitude Day” where the members of the Student Council and the university choir along with all the students in the campus sing the Gratitude Day song.

Bhasha Utsav & Ethnic Day

Bhasha Utsav & Ethnic Day has great significance at CHRIST (Deemed to be University) as it is the only festival that brings together all Christites. On this day the University celebrates its diversity in a very special way. To mark the beginning of the event, every year the Student Council leads the procession displaying ethnic attires of their respective cultures.

Teachers Day

Teachers Day is a special day celebrated across India on 5th September to appreciate and honour the tremendous efforts taken by them to spread the light of knowledge to students. In order to make this day extremely special and memorable for all the teaching faculties in the campus, the Student Council members in collaboration with Student Welfare Office present all the faculties across the campus with a small token of appreciation to extend their gratitude and pay their respect to them.

Sky Walk outside the Main Gate

The Student Council at CHRIST (Deemed to be University) not only looks at the welfare of the students but also keeps in mind the overall interest of the public as a whole. In order to ease the lives of students as well as ensure the safety of pedestrians, the Student Council put forth the idea of the Sky Walk which was approved by the both the University as well as the regulatory authorities. Today, the Sky Walk stands a symbol of how a small idea can bring about a huge impact in our lives as well as the lives of others.

CHRIST Programmes App

CHRIST Programmes is the official Android application of CHRIST (Deemed to be University) that showcases all the programmes offered at the institution. It allows for administrators to push alerts and notifications to users with the app installed, aggregates the list of the most popular programmes (by clicks), showcases all the programmes segregated by their level (undergraduate, postgraduate, MPhil, PhD, Post-Doctoral Fellowship, and Interdisciplinary Masters, along with segregation by campus (Main Campus, Kengeri Camus, Bannerghatta Campus). It also provides users with the ability to search for programmes based on keyword, and bookmark their programmes of choice. It displays information about the contact information, which is integrated into the calling, emailing, and web browser functionalities of the smartphone. Lastly, it allows users to find out more about a particular programme by clicking on it in the list.


U-GATEWAY is a platform offered to the global community to facilitate international collaborations.
The primary goal of U-GATEWAY is to nurture U-Person who imbibes U-Spirit of B.E.S.T (Be Connected, Enjoy Differences,  Share Talents, Transform to Fly) and U-Attitude of L.A.U.G.H (Listen First, Appreciate First, Understand First, Give First, Humour First).
U-GATEWAY provides opportunities for the U-Family to get Connected, Collaborate and Create a new world.