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Bangalore Kengeri Campus

Library and Information center

To meet the academic requirements of both students and faculties, the campus provides an up-to-date library with books in a variety of domains. The library is updated daily with newspapers for students to stay updated on current events. An online library gives students access to an extensive database of reliable academic articles and research papers from all over the world.

Medical Assistance

The health centre, operated by a proficient medical officer, provides excellent medical care and consultations to all students, staff, and faculty alike, free of any cost. This health centre provides quality health care in a comfortable and confidential environment. In cases of emergency, patients are referred to RajaRajeswari Medical College and Hospital, situated on Mysore Road, Bangalore.

College Hostel / Accommodation

The campus provides accommodation facilities for up to 980 male students in its Men’s Hostel, Devadan Hall, and 180 female students in its Women’s Hostel, Christ Hall. The housing arrange-ments vary from twin and triple sharing to four bed occupancy. Apart from a cafeteria of 800 seat-ing capacity, the buildings include recreation halls, study halls, and provisions for washing and dry-ing clothes. Care for the environment is not forgotten. Solar power is utilised for the supply of hot water and lighting facilities.


Since its inauguration, the amphitheater has been a sublime locale that acculturates a plethora of activities and events. The students host a wide range of functions here that include musical, theatri-cal and other artistic productions. The presentations in the amphitheater are not just limited to the students, staff members, alumni and families, but further, reach out to the whole community through large scale productions.


The campus has an ever-ready ambulance service that always responds to medical emergencies in campus and within the local community at all hours.


The Bangalore Kengeri campus has three air-conditioned auditoriums, equipped with modern facili-ties, that accommodate a total of 770 people. There is also an open-auditorium (2400 square me-ters) with a seating capacity of 2500. It is distinguished by a big stage and green rooms with a com-plete state of the art audio and lighting arrangements, and also movable seating facilities.


The Bangalore Kengeri Campus has two bandstands that are widely used for outdoor classes, dis-cussions, cultural programs and student activities.


The campus has an efficient transport department. Equipped with buses, it provides hassle-free and safe transport to students and staff living in various places.


The campus is equipped with two students' stationery centers located in Block I and IV, catering for the daily needs of the students. The kiosks offer a wide variety of items and also facilitates photo-copying within the campus for the benefit of students and staff. In addition, it serves as a daily es-sentials’ provider from bedding, to toiletries for the hostel students.

Cafeteria & Canteens

Bangalore Kengeri Campus has four cafeterias and four canteens, seating up to 2000 individuals. A variety of hygienically prepared delicious food is served.  Whether it is breakfast, lunch, a quick snack, or a cup of coffee one is looking for, the canteens are where they should go. Conveniently located in the Block- I & IV, nearby Car parking and in Devadan Hall, these facilities are easily ac-cessible by anyone, visitors included. The sight of hundreds of students spread out across the quad-rangle and lake view, enjoying their food in groups, is pleasant indeed.

Seminar Halls

The campus houses three seminar halls, which can variably accommodate 50 to 175 people at a time. These facilities cater to the efficient organisation of on-campus events such as meetings, con-vocations, guest lectures, presentations, short term training programs, workshops, conferences, cul-tural activities, celebrations and a lot more.


The campus provides well-equipped gym facilities for the students to train and maintain their fit-ness.

Recreation Room

The university emphasises student recreation and well-being. To accomplish this,  the campus houses recreation rooms, where the students can spend time playing table tennis, carom, chess and a variety of other games.

Music Room

The campus has two soundproof music rooms where students can better their musical talent, whether it be for a solo singing performance or even fest-performing band practice.

Sports Facilities

We try our best to ensure that our students have access to the best athletic facilities because we un-derstand the direct relation between staying physically and cognitively fit.
On campus, we have four basketball courts, one cricket ground, one volleyball court, two badmin-ton courts, two football grounds and a 400meter athletic track.

Water Treatment Plant

The campus focuses on being Eco-friendly and self-sustaining. It is equipped with a sewage treat-ment plant capable of treating 3,00,000litres of sewage per day. The treated water is utilised for gardening and flushing in lavatories.

RO Plant

Roof run-off water from all over the campus is collected in a pond, and from there it is treated in a reverse osmosis plant to produce 50,000litres of drinking water per day, which is then supplied to all buildings.




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