Course Code: MSW061

Course Title: Social Welfare and Services                                    

Total Credit: 2                                                                                                                     Total hrs: 45

Course Type: Open Elective


Course Description: This course introduces concepts of social welfare and social services. The course aims to nurture the students’ interest and skills to contribute the welfare needs of society. The Content of this course aims to introduce the professional social work, Welfare needs and methods.


Course Objectives:

  1. To understand the concepts and the scope of Social Welfare and Services
  2. To learn the welfare needs of various sections of society
  3. To familiarize the methods of Social work, Social Welfare and Services


Course Learning Outcome

Students will understand the social needs of Indian society and they would contribute in enhancing the quality of life among marginalized sections of the society. Social sense and social work skills will help them to adapt with difficult circumstances of social life.





Unit 1


Social Welfare, Social Service &Social Work.

History and philosophy of social welfare and services.

Needs and Problems of Indian Society. Problems of marginalized and vulnerable populations.


Unit 2

  Welfare needs

Child welfare, women welfare, labor welfare, welfare of elderly, welfare of person with disability, educational needs of populations.                             


Unit 3


Methods of social work: working with individuals, groups and communities. Agency registration and administrative procedure, application of research in social welfare and social services and project management.



Essential Reading


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Recommended Reading


Grinnell Jr, R. M., & Unrau, Y. (2005). Social work research and evaluation: Quantitative   and qualitative approaches. UK: Cengage Learning.

Hamilton, G. (1942). Theory and practice of social case work. New York School of Social Work.

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