The Department of Sociology and Department of Social Work at CHRIST (Deemed to be University) emerged as a single Department by the merger of Department of Sociology which was one of the oldest Departments in the University and Department of Social work. Department offers two Post graduate programmes in Applied Sociology and Social Work. It also offers Undergraduate programmes under the triple major system with the departments of psychology, economics and journalism. There are MPhil, PhD and Post- Doctoral Fellowship programmes for aspiring research scholars.
The Department works towards the pursuit of excellence in academics and skill training of students of sociology as well as those aspiring to be social work professionals. In addition to its focus on academic engagement, the department strives to engage in providing services to society through student led projects for communities in need of support. Inspired by the ever-changing social context and the needs of people, the department initiates programmes that cater to the emerging needs of the society. The department organises researches, educational programs, seminars, workshops, camps as part of its curriculum. The value of learning through service is significantly incorporated in the academic programmes. The curriculum offered by the department provides opportunities for the holistic development of the students and blends learning from the classroom with experiential learning.

Programme Objectives

  • Provide a sound foundation in Sociology and Social Work, its theoretical frameworks and perspectives

  • Learn the Methods of Social Research

  • Inculcate technical skills and mastery over software packages such as SPSS that are important for social science research

  • Enhance academic Writing skills

  • Encourage lateral and analytical thinking

  • Hone soft skills such as presentation skills and interpersonal skills

  • Promote management and administrative abilities
  • Position the Department of Sociology and Social Work as a Thought-leader and dynamic actor in higher education sector.

  • Develop and impart service based, innovative and research oriented curriculum.

  • Inculcate accountable and ethical standards.

  • Develop personal and professional competences through integration of knowledge and practice.

  • Develop indigenous knowledge and intervention strategies in social work.

  • Develop as a Resource Centre for research, consultancy, training and skill development.


•    Fostering growth of students with global perspectives
•    Enable serious engagement with the discipline
•    Nurture research skills
•    Incorporate Social Responsibility with an understandingof social realities
•    Engage effectively with the industry and NGOs


To become a leading centre of Sociology and Social Work Education at the national and international level that nurtures responsible professionals through innovative engagement in competency building, service,  research, development, leadership, and Knowledge dissemination


The department of Social Work at Christ (Deemed to be University) has been in pursuit of excellence in academic as well as professional training of aspiring social work professionals and in service of the society through interventions at individual, family, group and community levels involving various strategies such as case work, group work, community organization, campaigns, researches, educational programs, field based practical exposures, camps and publications, significantly inculcating the value of learning through service.

Inspired by the ever changing social situations and needs of people, the Department is regular with its initiatives that cater to the current needs of the society and regular updating of social work curriculum that provides opportunities for the holistic development of the students personally and professionally. The course design has a balanced blend of class room teaching with field experience. The department works in close alignment with the Centre for Social Action to sensitize students towards issues of social concern in the University campus.

The department also coordinates the activities of the Centre for Social Research in the University.