Department: Sociology and Social Work     
Deanery: Humanities and Social Sciences
Name of the proposed programme:  Post Graduate Diploma in Disaster Management
Duration in Years: one year
Batch Size:  40                      
Proposed Academic Year: 2019-20


Placement Potential:

•  Governmental and Non-Government sectors working in the area of Disaster Management as Disaster prone data analyst in companies, Mines and institutes, Disaster Management personnel, Operations Analysts and Disaster Security Administration.
•  One can initiate own organization to work in the area of Disaster Management


Programme Relevance/ Demand:

This programme gives training to become professionals, who are capable of meeting the challenges of managing disaster through a combination of theoretical inputs and practical application in Disaster Management.

Departmental Competence: Two Faculty members have undergone trainings in Disaster Management and this has been an elective subject in the MSW course since 2009.

Proposed Fees:   Rs.20000/- ( Rupees Twenty thousand only) or as per the decision of the admissions Office, CHRIST (Deemed to be University)
Faculty Requirement and Availability: One Faculty from the Department will be Coordinating the course

Required No. of Classrooms-Min:   NIL      Max:     NIL ( will manage with existing classroom in 6th floor during after class hours)           
Classroom Availability / Alternatives: MSW class rooms will be available after 4 pm for the this Diploma course.
Lab Requirement and Availability: NA
Regulatory Approvals Required, if any (Give details):  NA


Academic Details

No. of Core and Electives per Semester: 4
Total Credits per Semester:   15    
Total Semesters :  2  
Total Credits:  30         
Total Max. Marks :800
Marks:   100  ( per subject)  
CIA %: 100 %

Semester wise Course Structure:
Note: Up to 2 Semesters for Diploma, 4 Semesters for PG and 6 Semesters for UG Prgs. Additional Semesters if applicable may be added.


Open Electives