The MPhil in International Studies is an eighteen months course which offers intellectually rigorous training in the recent history of world politics, theoretical approaches to the study of IR, and a plurality of research methods. The course equips students with the skills they require to undertake research and study at an advanced level and also to undertake many forms of professional work in the field. Entry is competitive and students come from a wide range of backgrounds and nationalities. This programme offers the chance to undertake a substantial piece of work that is worthy of publication and which makes an original contribution to international relations.
The objective of the course is to give a thorough mastery of the major facts, methodologies and perspectives in the field, as well as to develop research skills. This is supplemented by a  specialized course work. Methods training spans a variety of approaches, both quantitative and qualitative, and is intended to provide the skills necessary to both critically evaluate existing work and produce rigorous original research. Research design and methods training is assessed by tests across. The course provides an excellent foundation for doctoral work in terms of substantive knowledge of the field, methods training, and the experience of conducting original research and thesis-writing.
It is appropriate for those who wish to embark upon an academic career, in the first instance through pursuing doctoral research, but also for those looking to embark on careers in the media, politics, law, public administration, the civil service, finance, teaching, and the charity sector. The programme aims to offer advanced engagement with various aspects of the academic study of Politics and International Studies. It will provide with a critical understanding of a range of issues involved in the study of these disciplines, primarily through a mixture of lectures and research-driven seminars.

Eligibility as per the University Norms.