Established in the year 1990, the Department of Statistics was established in the year 1990. It is committed to excellence in teaching and equipping students to become practicing statisticians. The main objectives of the department are: 1. To acquaint students with various statistical methods and their applications in different fields 2. To cultivate statistical thinking among students 3. To develop skills in handling complex problems in data analysis and research design 4. To prepare students for future courses having quantitative components. At present, there are three faculty members in the department and eminent professors are invited to instruct students in specific areas. All faculty members are highly qualified and experienced. They are also associated with other departments and deaneries by way of teaching allied subjects and providing consultancy services. They have been actively involved in helping the students not only in academics but also in guiding them in various aspects. Some them are on panel of examiners for other universities and are resource persons for various workshops held outside the university. They have presented papers at different conferences and are active members of various committees in the universities and take a keen interest in all programs held by the same. Publications in various academic journals as well as in newspapers and magazines are a regular feature of the department.