Faculty and students: The department consists of 21 faculty members with 2 Professor Emeritus, 4 professors, 1 Visiting Professor, 6 Associate professors, 7 Assistant professors and 1 adjunct faculty member. Also, there are 1 research assistant, 2 academic support staff and 2 administrative staff members. All the faculty of Department of Mathematics are with Doctorate degree. Amongst students, there are 54 scholars completed M.Phil and 17 completed PhD. Currently; 27 scholars are pursuing PhD and 12 scholars are pursuing MPhil in the department. At the post graduate level, there are 90 students and at the undergraduate level, there are 1080 students. The department offers undergraduate level courses in 5 combinations namely, Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics (PCM), Physics, Mathematics and Electronics (PME), Computer Science, Mathematics and Electronics (CME), Computer Science, Mathematics and Statistics (CMS) and Economics, Mathematics and Statistics (EMS).

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