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Bachelor of Science in Chemistry Botany and Zoology (CBZ)


Knowledge of Chemistry, Botany and Zoology at undergraduate level is needed to understand the basics of the three disciplines so that in future, students can pursue their higher studies in any of the fields.

Chemistry helps the students to understand the chemical basis of life. Botany will help the students to understand the importance of plants in local area. Furthermore, they will also understand the use of plants in combating environmental pollution.  And Zoology helps the students to understand the animal system as well as animal diversity in local areas.

Knowledge of Biotechnology Chemistry and zoology at undergraduate level help to understand the principles of environmental sustainability and the ways to keep the regional environment clean. It will also help  to find out the various plants and animals in the region, so that the overall biodiversity can be conserved.

Knowledge of chemistry, botany and zoology is needed to face challenges at national level such as pollution, deforestation etc.

Knowledge of chemistry, botany and zoology helps the students globally  fight against the menace CLIMATE CHANGE.