The two-year (four semesters) Masters Programme in Chemistry (specializations in General, Organic and Analytic Chemistry) aims at providing a comprehensive study of various branches of chemistry to develop a critical and analytical approach to all major areas of the subject. The various courses in the first two semesters are presented in such a way as to give the students a harmonious view of the subject followed by the specialization courses of general chemistry/organic chemistry/analytical chemistry along with an industrial/institutional project in the last two semesters. Equal importance is given to both theory and practicals. The teaching methodology includes lecture, demonstration, seminars, internships, projects and presentations.
Program Objectives

1.   To prepare the students to become teachers of chemistry in centers of higher education.
2.   To equip the students to perform functions that demand higher competence in   national/international organizations.
3.   To train the students in scientific research.
4.   To help the students find meaning in life by broadening their field of vision.

Programme Outcome

On successful completions of the BSc Programme students will be able to

PO1.     Understand and apply the fundamental principles, concepts and methods in key areas of science and multidisciplinary fields
PO2.     Demonstrate problem solving, analytical and logical skills to provide solutions for the scientific requirements
PO3.     Develop the critical thinking with scientific temper
PO4.     Communicate the subject effectively
PO5.     Understand the importance and judicious use of technology for the sustainable growth of mankind in synergy with nature
PO6.     Understand the professional, ethical and social responsibilities
PO7.     Enhance the research culture and uphold the scientific integrity and objectivity
PO8.     Engage in continuous reflective learning in the context of technological and scientific advancements


Programme Specific Outcome :

On successful completions of the BSc BCZ Programme students will be able to

PSO1.    Provide a comprehensive understanding of fundamentals of chemical sciences and biological sciences
PSO2.    Express proficiency in oral and written communications to appreciate innovation in research.
PSO3.    Understand the impact of chemicals in societal and environmental contexts.
PSO4.     Apply ethical principles and responsibilities while conducting animal studies.
PSO5    Understand the concept of recombinant DNA technology in the field of medicine, industry and environment.
PSO6.    Develop industry-focused skills to lead a successful career.


Salient Features
1.     Approaching the subject from theoretical and practical points of view.
2.     Opportunity to attend seminars, workshops etc.
3.    Extra-curricular activities for peer interaction, growth of organizational skills and personality development.
4.     Well-equipped and spacious laboratories.
5.     Well qualified and experienced staff.
6.     Industrial collaboration/training.
7.     Placement opportunities.
8.     Good library and internet facilities.
9.     Industrial /Institutional projects.
10.   CSIR/NET coaching.
11.   Journal club to discuss research papers.
12.   Gust lectures by experts from the field.


Open Electives