CS17 Introduction to Enterprise Systems

Theory: 45 hours

Prerequisite: Basic computer knowledge


Unit 1:

The Business Perspective

Business strategy and technology alignment, Business requirements for enterprise systems, Enterprise architecture, Problem statement, Required functionality, Business benefit justification, Success metrics.

(9 hours)

Unit 2:

Technical Perspective

Traditional enterprise software applications, System integration and service-oriented architecture, Web-based technologies and cloud computing in corporate IT, Architectural approach, Software solution, Integration with existing applications, Solution demonstration. Students may use PowerPoint, create a website mockup, or customize an existing vendor demo.

(10 hours)

Unit 3:

Operational Perspective

IT service management, System deployment: define the timeline and deliverables, Operational governance: stakeholders, resources, and dependencies, User enablement: how will people use the system Success metrics: how the promised results will be achieved

(9 hours)

Unit 4:

Enterprise application software product (e.g. Enterprise Resource Planning,Customer Relationship Management, Business Intelligence or Enterprise Portals) on which Enterprise systems are build on.

(9 hours)

Unit 5:

Emerging trends in Enterprise Systems- Open Module

(8 hours)

Reference Books:

  1. Avison, D. & Fitzgerald, G., 2006. Information Systems Development: Methodologies, Techniques and Tools 4th ed., McGraw-Hill Higher Education.
  2. Laudon, J.P. & Laudon, K.C., 2006. Essentials of Business Information Systems, Prentice Hall

Open Electives