CS14 Programming in Visual Basic


Teaching Hours : 60  [ 30 hours Theory + 30 hours LAB ]

Prerequisite: Any programming skill



Introduction , Features of Visual Basic,  Visual Basic environment, Visual Basic interface, Working with controls, Object naming conventions, Properties methods and events.                                                                                                        

(5 hours)

Unit 2:

Data types in VB, Operators in VB, Manipulating Forms, Basic controls, Working with multiple controls and their properties, Designing the User Interface, tab controls, Default & Cancel property, Coding for controls.                                                                                                         

(5 hours)

Unit 3:

Creating menus in Visual Basic, Assigning access keys and shortcut keys, creating pop up menus, data Control , Adding status bar, Dialog boxes.

(6 hours)

Unit 4:

Control flow, Decision structures, Looping structures, validating data inside a control

(6 hours)

Unit 5:

 Database  Connectivity: Data base basics & database engine, Create a database in Access Through VB , Working with database objects in code, Data Manipulation through VB – Forms,

(8 hours)
Text Book:
1.      Tim Anderson, Visual Basic 6 In Easy Steps, Wiley India Pvt Ltd,2000


Reference Book:

1. Gary Cornell, “Visual Basic 6: From the Ground Up”, Tata McGraw hill education Pvt Ltd,2000

 Lab Programs

 1) Develop an application to prepare student result  based on the marks entered.

2) Design an application that performs arithmetic operations. (+,-,*,/)     

3) Develop an application that accepts principal amount, rate of interest and time from the user. Then it computes the simple interest and displays it.                                                                                         

4) Obtain age of a person and determine through a  function whether it falls within range of 18-40 years

5) Design a VB application that displays following menu

Student  -> new student

View -> report card , toppers details


6) Develop a database application

7) Create a VB application that lets the user decide the height and width of the shape through scroll bars.

8) Design an application that accepts an item name from the user and adds it to a list box.

9) Create an application that offers various food items to select from and a mode of payment. It then displays the total amount payable.

Open Electives