CS13 Oracle 10g

Teaching Hours : 60  [ 30 hours Theory + 30 hours LAB ]

Prerequisite: :  any background

Unit I

  1. Content Outline:  Introduction to Database Concepts  ,Users of Oracle,  The Relational Database Model, The Development Life Cycle ,Data Normalization , Overview of Normalization ,The Normal Forms , Logical Design , Data Modeling , Entities and Attributes , Entities and Their Relationships

(5 hours)

Unit II

  1. Introduction to Structured Query Language ,Introduction to SQL*Plus , The SELECT Statement
  2. Data Definition Language (DDL) ,Data Control Language (DCL) , Data Manipulation Language (DML) ,Transaction Control Language (TCL) ,

(8 hours)

Unit III

  1. Procedural Language / Structured Query Language ,Overview of PL/SQL , Stored Packages, Procedures,  and Functions Triggers Database Objects Datablocks Database Storage

(7 hours)

Unit IV

  1. Forms and reports     

(5 hours)

Unit V

  1. Oracle and Object-oriented Methodology  Oracle Architecture  The Oracle Database  The Oracle Instance  Accessing the Database  Other Oracle Products and Tools

(5 hours)

Text book:

  1. Kevin Loney, Oracle Database 10g: The Complete Reference, Mc-Graw Hill Osborne media, 2004.


Reference Book:

  1. Ian Abramson , Michael Abbey, Michael J Corey, Oracle Database 10g: A beginners guide, Mc-Graw Hill Osborne media, 2004.

  Lab programs


  1. Demonstrate the DDL commands
  2. Demonstrate the DML commands
  3. Demonstrate the DCL  commands
  4. Demonstrate the TCL  commands
  5. Demonstrate the Single line functions
  6. Demonstrate the Multiline functions
  7. Demonstrate the Join  commands
  8. Demonstrate the Inner  Join  commands
  9. Demonstrate the outer Join  commands
  10. Demonstrate the subqueries


  1.  Demonstration of simple programs
  2.  Demonstration of  Cursors
  3.  Demonstration of  Triggers
  4.  Demonstration of  Packages
  5.  Demonstration of  functions
  6.  Development of a mini project using forms and reports

Open Electives