CS12 XML Technologies

Teaching Hours : 60  [ 30 hours Theory + 30 hours LAB ]

Prerequisite: Preferable for Computer science students.

Unit 1 Extensible Markup Language(XML)                                                                       

Common usage, Role of XML, Prolog, Body, Elements,  Attributes, Validation, Displaying XML, Namespace

(5 hours)

Unit 2 XML DTD

XML schema language, Introduction to DTD, Purpose of DTD, using a DTD in an XML document, Element type declaration, Attribute Declaration – Default value of Attributes, Attribute types, String type, Tokenized type, Enumerated type, Entity Declaration, DTD validation

(6 hours)

Unit 3 W3C XML Schema  
XML Schema Definition, XML schema Instance, Limitations of DTD, Strengths of Schema, Schema structure, Schema element, Element definition, Schema validation                                                             (5 hours)

Unit 4 W3C XML Schema  

Built in data types, Declaring simple Elements, Declaring Complex elements, Referencing, Group indicators, Mixed content, Annotations, Deriving New Types, Substitution group

(5 hours)

Unit 5 Parsing XML , Xpath & XML Transformation                                                   

XML DOM, DOM Nodes, The node Interface, Document Node, Element Node, Text Node, Attr Node,  Xpath Axes, Location Paths and Steps, Xpath Examples,  Style sheet structure, XSLT elements, Template Rules, Selecting values, Applying template,  Repetition.

(9 hours)

Text Book:

1.       Roy K Uttam, Web Technologies, Oxford University Press 2010.

Reference Book:

1.      Ng B Kwong, Using XML,Neal Schuman Publishers.

Lab Programs

1. Create  an XML file to store  Library Information having only Element

2. Create an XML file to store Company Information having Attributes

3. Create an XML file to store Product Information

4. Write a parser in javacript

5. Create a DTD for Library XML file with Element

6. Create a DTD for Company XML file with Attributes

7. Create a DTD for Product XML file

8. Create a XSD for Library XML file with element

9. Create a XSD for Company XML file  attributes

10. Create a XSD for Product XML file

11. Create an XSLT for Library XML

12. Create an XSLT for Company XML

13. Create an XSLT for Product XML

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