CS11 Programming in Core Java

Teaching Hours : 60  [ 30 hours Theory + 30 hours LAB ]

Prerequisite: Knowledge  of any Object Oriented Programming language.

Unit 1-Introduction to Java  

History, Features of Java Data Types, Variable, Operators, Java Programming structure, . Control Structures , Arrays-One Dimensional array, Two Dimensional array.

(5 hours)

Unit 2-Classes and methods

Class fundamentals, declaring objects, Access modifiers – final, static, abstract, native.

Introduction to methods, constructors, command line arguments.

(10 hours)

Unit 3-Packages :Built in and user defined

Input/output File handling, Exploring Java IO Byte oriented classes and character oriented

classes. Defining  package, importing packages, creating user defined packages, packages in Java. String handling.

(5 hours)

Unit 4-Exception handling   

Exceptions Fundamentals of exception, Exception types, using try & catch, multiple catch,

nested try, throw, finally, built-in exception, user defined exceptions.

(5 hours)

Unit 5-Introduction to Applets and AWT

Applets,AWT - Working with windows, Graphics, & text – Using AWT controls, Layout Managers

(5 hours)

Text Book:

1.      R.Nageswara Rao, CORE JAVA An Integrated Approach, , Dreamtech Press, 2008 Edition.

Reference Books:

1.      Naughton, Patric & Schildt, Herbert. Java 2 Complete Reference. 3rd Edition. TMH. Stephen Potts, Alex Pstrikov, 2011 edition.

 Lab Programs

1.      Write a program to  sort a list of n numbers.

2.      Write a program to reverse a String.

3.      Write a program to check whether a String is palindrome or not.

4.      Write a program to implement methods in String class.

5.      Write a program to implement methods in Math class.

6.      Write a program to implement the concept of inheritance.

7.      Write a program to implement the concept of dynamic array.

8.      Write a program to create object for Linked List  and use all methods.

9.      Write a program to create object for Stack and use all methods.

10.  Write a program to execute any Windows application (Like notepad calculator etc).

11.  Write a program to create a tiny text editor.

12.  Use String Tokenizer class to split a string into tokens.

13.  Create an Applet program to display some message on the screen.

14.  Write an Applet with a Text Field in which the user will be allowed to enter only numbers.

15.  Write an applet with a canvas and a label on it. Whenever the mouse moves on it coordinates are   displayed in the center of the canvas and on the label.

Open Electives