CS09Advanced Java Programming

Teaching Hours : 60  [ 30 hours Theory + 30 hours LAB ]

Prerequisite: Knowledge of basic concepts in java programming

Unit-I Swing:

The Origins of Swing-Swing Features-The MVC Connection-Components and Containers-The Swing packages-JLabel-JTextfield-The Swing Buttons-JButton-JToggleButton-CheckBoxes-RadioButtons-Jlist-Jmenu-JcomboBox-JTable-JScrollPane-JTabbedPane.

(7 hours)

Unit-II Servlets:                                                                                                                                                    Introduction to Servelets: Lifecycle of a Serverlet, JSDK The Servelet API, The
javax.servelet Package, Reading Servelet parameters, Reading Initialization parameters.
The javax.servelet HTTP package, Handling Http Request & Responses, Using Cookies-
Session Tracking, Security Issues


Unit - III

Java Beans:                                                              

Introduction to Java Beans-Advantages of Java Beans-Using Bound and Constraint properties-Persistence-Java Beans API-A Bean Example

(6 hours)



Networking basics, Java and the Net, Inet address, TCP/IP client sockets, URL connection, TCP/IP server sockets, Datagrams.

(5 hours)


RMI (Remote Method Invocation)

Defining the remote interface, Implementing the remote interface, Define the client, Compile and execute the server and the client

(5 hours)

Text Books:

1.      Schildt Herbert,The Complete Reference Java Seventh Edition 2011

2.       Elliotte Rusty Harold, “ Java Network Programming”, O’Reilly publishers, 2000

Reference Books:

1.      Web reference: http://java.sun.com.

2.      Patrick Naughton, “COMPLETE REFERENCE: JAVA2”, Tata McGraw-Hill, 2003

 Lab Programs

1.      Demonstrate a program to display some text in the frame with the help of  a label

2.      Implement a program to create some push buttons using Jbutton class and draw different borders around the buttons.

3.      Demonstrate a program that helps in creating some checkboxes and radio buttons.When the user clicks on  a checkbox or radio button,the selected option text  will be displayed in a textarea.

4.      Implement  a program to show the functioning of  a toggle button.

5.      Write a program to create a menu with several menu items.

6.      Create a simple servlet program to display HelloWorld

7.      Demonstrate a servlet program to use session tracking

8.      Implementation of  Java Bean by making use of Introspector,PropertyDescriptor, EventDescriptor classes

9.      Write a program to accept  awebsite name  and return its IP address.

10.  Demonstrate client/server interaction with socket connection

11.  Use RMI to allow clients to connect to a domain server to complete transaction

Open Electives