CS08 Management Information System (MIS)

Theory : 45 hours

Prerequisite: Basic knowledge of Computer

Unit 1:

Management Information System (MIS)
Organisation and Information Systems ,Changing Environment and its impact on Business - The IT/IS and its influence - The Organisation: Structure, Managers and activities - Data, information and its attributes - The level of people and their informationneeds - Types of Decisions and information - Information System, categorisation of information on the basis of nature and characteristics.

(6 Hours)

Unit 2:

Kinds of Information Systems
Transaction Processing System (TPS) - Office Automation System (OAS) -Management Information System (MIS) - Decision Support System (DSS) and Group Decision Support System (GDSS) - Expert System (ES) -  Executive Support System (EIS or ESS).

 (7 Hours)

Unit 3:

Computer Fundamentals

Telecommunication and Networks Computer System – Introduction - Generation of Computers – Classification of Computers - Input and output devices - Software – System s/w and Application s/w - O/S – Functions and Features. Communication, Media, Modems & Channels - LAN, MAN & WAN - Network Topologies, Internet, Intranet and Extranet. Wireless technologies
like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Wi-Max.

(8 Hours)

Unit  4:
Manufacturing and Service Systems Information systems for Accounting, Finance, Production and  Manufacturing, Marketing and HRM functions - IS in hospital, hotel, bank

 (7 Hours)

Unit 5:
Enterprise System
Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP): Features, selection criteria, merits, issues and challenges in Implementation - Supply Chain Management (SCM): Features, Modules in SCM - Customer Relationship Management (CRM): Phases. Knowledge Management and e-governance.

(8 hours)

Unit  6:

Security and Ethical Challenges

Ethical responsibilities of Business Professionals – Business, technology. Computer crime – Hacking, cyber theft, unauthorized use at work. Piracy – software and intellectual property. Privacy – Issues and the Internet Privacy. Challenges – working condition, individuals. Health and Social Issues, Ergonomics and cyber terrorism.

(9 Hours)

Text Books:

    “Management Information Systems”, Kenneth J Laudon, Jane P. Laudon, Pearson/PHI,10/e, 2007
     “Management Information Systems”, W. S. Jawadekar, Tata McGraw Hill Edition, 3/e, 2004
     MIS by Ralph Stair

Reference Books:

     “Introduction to Information System”, James A. O’ Brien, Tata McGraw Hill, 12th Edtion.
     “Management Information Systems”, S.Sadagopan, PHI, 1/e, 2005
     “Management Information Systems”, Effy Oz, Thomson Course Technology, 3/e, 2003
     Corporate Information Strategy and Management”, Lynda M AppleGate, Robert D Austin et al, Tata McGraw Hill, 7th Edition.

Open Electives