CS06 Unix Operating System

Teaching Hours: 60 [30 hours Theory + 30 hours LAB]

Prerequisite: Basic familiarity with any operating systems

Unit 1 :                                                      

Evolution of UNIX – UNIX System Structure – Features of Unix - Operating System Services - Unix Kernel - Locating Commands, Internal and External Commands, Flexibility of Command Usage, man: Browsing and Manual Pages On-line, Understanding the man Documentation.  General Purpose Utilities: cal, date, echo,   bc, passwd, who, uname, tty.    

(6 hours)

Unit  2 :

Directory related commands: pwd, mkdir, cd, rmdir. Absolute and relative path names.  The UNIX File System.File manipulation commands: cat, cp, rm, mv, more, The lp Subsystem: Printing a File,  file, wc, Words and Characters,  od, The spell and ispell, cmp, comm, diff. File compression commands: gzip, gunzip, tar, zip, unzip.

(6 hours)

UNIT 3 :

Process Basics, Process States and Transitions, ps: Process Status, System Processes (-e or –a), Mechanism of Process Creation, Internal and External Commands, Running Jobs in Background, nice: Job Execution With Low Priority, Killing Processes with Signals, Job Control, at and batch: Execute Later, cron: Running Jobs Periodically, time: Timing Processes. PID & PPID.

(6 hours)

UNIT  4:
Unix Shell Programming: Shell variables - Shell Keywords - Positional parameters - Passing command line arguments. Arithmetic in shell scripts - Read and Echo - Control Structures - if-then-fi - if-then-else-fi - Nested if - Case control structure.

(6 hours)


Loops - while-until –for - break and continue. Shell meta characters - Exporting variables - User defined Functions. Communication commands: Communicating with Other Users : Who , Mail , Wall , Send.

(6 hours)

Text  Book :

    Sumitabha Das, UNIX Concepts and Applications, Fourth edition, Tata McGraw Hill, 2008.


Reference books:

    Maurice J Bach, “The Design of Unix Operating System”,Prentice Hall of India Pvt. Ltd, NewDelhi, 2008.
    Paul Love, Joe Merlino, Craig Zimmerman, Jeremy C. Reed, and Paul Weinstein Beginning UNIX , Wiley Publishing, Inc , 2005. ( Wrox Publishing )

 Lab Programs

  1.     Demonstrate   cal, date, echo and bc commands
  2.     Demonstrate   passwd, who, uname and tty commands
  3.     Demonstrate   all Directory related commands
  4.     Demonstrate all file related commands
  5.     Demonstrate all File compression commands
  6.     Demonstrate all Communication commands
  7.     Write a shell script to accept 2 numbers and perform the basic arithmetic operation
  8.     Write a shell script to accept any N numbers and find the sum of N numbers using function
  9.     Write a shell script to print current working directory, today’s date and number of users who are currently logged in.
  10.     Write a shell script to implement various   if statements.

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