CS04 Web Designing Using HTML, PHP and MySQL

Teaching Hours: 60 [30 hours Theory + 30 hours LAB]

Prerequisite: Any background

Unit-1: HTML                                                                                     

Basic HTML tags- HTML, HEAD, BODY, TITLE, Paragraphs, Headings, Line Breaks, Dividers- P, H1, …H6, BR, HR, Character Entity References- Quotes, ampersands, angle brackets, and non-breaking spaces Lists- OL, UL, DL, Formatting-URL and Paths, Images- IMG, Hyperlinks, Table-TABLE, TR, TD, TH, Form-FORM, INPUT, TEXTAREA, SELECT, OPTION, Frames-FRAMESET, FRAME

(6 hours)


Unit-2: PHP Basic                                                              

Writing PHP scripts - Writing PHP scripts, learn about PHP code structure, how to write and execute a simple PHP script and to add comments within your code.

Variables and Data Types- Learn about Variables, values and Data Types in PHP: boolean, integer, float, string, array, object, Resource, null.

Numbers and mathematical Operators- Introducing Numbers and mathematical 0perators, some PHP functions for more complex operations with numbers.

PHP Strings- Working with strings, using simple and double quotes, escaping quotes and other characters, concatenating strings, some functions for strings.

 Constants- Introducing Constants, syntax for defining constants, differences between variables and defined constants.

PHP Error Handling and Debugging-Error Handling, debugging and trigger errors and how to adjust the level of error reporting, handling exceptions.

If ... Else conditionals, Comparative and Logical operators - Make PHP script takes decisions with If, Else, Elseif conditional statements. Compare two values with Comparative and Logical operators. The ternary operator.

(6 hours)


Unit-3: Using HTML Forms

Using HTML Forms, PHP form handling, get data sent from form fields through GET and POST method, form validation.

$_GET, $_POST Variables - How to send data with get and post methods to a PHP script and access it with superglobal $_GET, $_POST variables.

Switch ... Case ... - PHP MySQL course - Switch ... Case ... conditional statement, switch with break and default instructions.

While Loops - Using While and Do Wile Loops. End the While loops with the break instruction. Syntax and examples.

For and For each Loops - Using for () and for each () Loops. End the "For" loops with the break instruction. Syntax and examples.

PHP Arrays - Creating Numeric (indexed) Arrays and Associative arrays. Accessing, modifying and traversing array elements.

(6 hours)


Unit-4: My SQL Basic

PHP MySQL Introduction, Data Types - PHP MySQL Introduction, database structure, tables. MySQL naming rules, and columns data types.

PHP MySQL - INSERT INTO - Insert data in MySQL table, INSERT INTO query. Insert data from a form into a database.

PHP MySQL - SELECT, ORDER BY - Retrieve and display data from a MySQL table, SELECT SQL command. Determine the number of records. Sort query results with ORDER BY clause (ASC and DESC).

(6 hours)



PHP MySQL - WHERE and LIKE - Selecting specific data from a database with the WHERE clause and Conditionals. Check for string matching with LIKE and NOT LIKE terms.

PHP MySQL – UPDATE - UPDATE query to edit / change existing records in MySQL table.

PHP MySQL – DELETE - The DELETE statement, used to entirely remove records from a database table.

(6 hours)

Text Books:

  1.    Powell, HTML & XHTM: The Complete Reference, 4th Edition, Tata McGraw-Hill Edition
  2.    Steven Holzner, PHP: The Complete Reference, McGraw-Hill Higher Education, 2008


Reference Book:

  1. Robin Nixon, Learning PHP, My SQL and Java Script, Kindle Edition, OReilly Media 2009.


Lab Programs


1. Create a HTML page that will have the following:

    Headers, Linking and Images.

2. Create a HTML page that will have the following:

    Frames, Unordered Lists, Nested and ordered Lists

3. Create a HTML page that will have the following:

    Tables and Formatting

4. Create a HTML page that will have the following:

    Forms, Creating and Using Image Maps,


5. Create a PHP page to store and retrieve the page hits in a text file

6. Create a Calculator using PHP

    Create a PHP page to accept, store and display information using MySQL

Open Electives