Teaching Hours: 60 [30 hours Theory + 30 hours LAB]

Prerequisite: Any group of students

Unit 1: Introduction to Computers

Evolution of Computers, Generation of Computers, Classification of Computers.  Characteristics of Computers. Advantages of Computers. Block Diagram of a Digital Computer. Types of Programming Languages.  Software - Classification of Software. Structured Programming. Algorithms and Flowcharts with Examples. Programming Logic.

(6 hours)

Unit 2: Introduction to C

Types of Programming Language- History of C, Features of C , C Tokens, variables and keywords and identifiers ,Types of C constants and variables, Rules for constructing variable names, Structure of C program, Input /output statements in C

(6 hours)

Unit 3: Data types

Data Types, Type declaration, Different Operators in C-Arithmetic, Logical, Relational, Bitwise, Conditional, Expressions, Hierarchy of operations.

Control structures

Decision control statements-if, switch, go to statement, conditional operator statement. Loop control structures- while, do-while, for loop, Break statement, Continue statement.

(6 hours)

Unit 4: Functions

Introduction, function definition and prototyping, Types of functions, passing values to function, recursion, passing arrays to functions. I/O functions- formatted & unformatted console I/O functions.

(6 hours)

Unit 5: Arrays

One dimensional and multidimensional array, Declaration, initialization, Reading values into an array, Displaying array contents and Array Manipulations. String-Basic Concepts, Library Functions.

(6 hours)

Text Book:

1.      Balagurusamy, E. Programming in ANSI C 4th Edition. Tata McGraw-Hill

Reference Book :

1.      Kanetkar, Yashavant. Let Us C. 4th Edition. BPB Publications.


Lab Programs:-

1)      Write a program to convert Fahrenheit to Celsius.

2)      To demonstrate the usage of unformatted and formatted I/O statements in C

3)      Write a program to check whether the given number is a even or odd

4)      Write a program to print exponentiation of any two given numbers

5)      Write a program to print all the 3 digit Armstrong numbers

6)      Write a program to count number of words in a line of text.

7)      Write a program  to calculate the Fibonacci of a given number using function

8)      Write  a program to find the length of the string

9)      Write a function to swap two numbers using pointers

Open Electives