MSW- Human Resource Development and Management (MSW HRDM) is a new programme that is offered by the Department of Social Work. This programme prepares the students to build careers in the HR departments of industries, hospitals, NGOs and other organizations. This two-year course blends the core areas of the field with the emerging trends in the Management of Human Resources. The curriculum carries some of the foundational and methods papers related to human behaviour, helping processes, development, health and human resource. Curriculum engages students on core areas of Human Resources Management related to acquisition, performance management, labour relations, compensation, management and development of human resources including areas such as employee empowerment and engagement, employee support and assistantship programmes, corporate social responsibility, work life balance and management, personal and laws related to family and children. An optimal mix of theory and practice orientation is provided in this course. The onus of the curriculum besides knowledge sharing and knowledge creation is on creativity, critical thinking and skill development. An equal weightage is given both to classroom work as well as field based learning.



Across the four semesters students will participate in skill development workshops. Apart from practice skills the students will become familiar with technical skills in areas such as Excel, SAP, SPSS as well as other analytical software. The mini survey and major research dissertation will be conducted in the industrial context and will be carried out according to the needs of industry and with the validation of experts in the field. Research problem and the methodology adapted will integrate the theoretical and intervention knowledge of the students. This facilitates the student to develop analytical as well as problem solving skills.


Students will have six months of internships altogether in four semesters in the industry and other organizations where HR is being practiced. The student will be facilitated to observe and study the HR practices in depth in different industries / agencies. Planned internship sessions are spread across different months (I-September, II-January-February, III- April, IV January- February)



All theory papers have end semester written examinations and practical papers (Social work practical, Service Learning, and research project II) will have end semester viva voce examinations/demonstrations. Electives, skill lab and research project I will have internalevaluations only.



  • To develop social work knowledge and professionalism in the areas of human resource development and management.
  • To develop understanding on the standards and practices of ensuring employee engagement and employee wellbeing.
  • To develop knowledge and skills in areas of training and development.
  • To enhance insights on work conditions, legislative aspects and various processes of human resource development in organizations.
  • To nurture values of social responsibility, professionalism in delivery of services and capacities in integrating knowledge, attitude and practice.



Semester 1


Social Work Profession

Sociological Foundations

Human Growth and Behaviour

Social Case Wok

Community Organization and Social  Action

Social Group Work

Social Work Research Methods 1

Skill Lab I

Social Work Practice I (Internship I)

Service Learning I



Human Rights and  Inclusion

Media and Social Work

Social Entrepreneurship

Natural Resource Management

Gender and Development

              Youth development

Semester 2


Theoretical foundations for Social Work Practice

Introduction to Management and HRM

Labour Legislation

Organizational Behaviour I

Acquisition of Human Resources

Occupational Health and Safety

Social Work Research Methods II

Skill Lab II

Social Work Practice II (Internship II)

Service Learning II

Social Work Research Project I


Semester 3


Legislations Governing EmployeeRelations

Statistical Applications

Compensation Management and SocialSecurity

Performance Management

Human Resource Development

Industrial Relations and EmployeeWelfare

Skill Lab III

Social Work Practice III (Rural Camp and Internship III)

Service Learning III

Social Work Research Project II

Social Work Research Methods  III



Social Legislations

Counseling and EAP

Humanitarian Emergencies

Financial and Marketing Management

Business Communication


Semester 4


Non-Government Organizationand Management

Conflict Management

Strategic HRM and IHRM

Indian Constitution, Social Policy and Labour

Corporate Social Responsibility

Organizational Behaviour II

Practice Seminar

Social Work Practice IV  (Internship IV)

Service Learning IV


Open Electives