MSW in clinical and community Practice is a post graduate program aimed at grooming students into high quality professionals who can take up leadership positions in the development, health and welfare sectors. This program provides the students with the opportunity to understand concepts and issues and to develop professional skills required for the two specializations- Community Development and Clinical Social Work. This course provides numerous opportunities- insides as well as outsides the University to the students for their holistic development.


This course is designed to help students develop their skills, attitudes and values needed to understand the dynamics of society and work towards the goals of justice, equality and empowerment. This curriculum is a perfect blend of theory, research and practice-class room learning, action labs, projects, seminars, conferences, service learning and field based training- which provides exposure and helps students to manifest their passion for social responsibility. Students are trained to grow and develop into mature professionals, capable of taking decisions independently, having the ability to think critically and having the competence required to build purposeful relationships to empower individuals, groups and communities.


This programme offers students the opportunity to find placements in different sectors such as development, health, research social service and welfare sectors as well as administrative or research positions in governmental and non-Governmental organizations at National and International levels. Entrepreneurial qualities of students in social, health, research and development sector will be developed and encouraged to make their work innovative and self-directed.


Students will have six months of internships altogether in four semesters in the Community and Hospital settings where Professional social work is being practiced. The student will be facilitated to observe and study the Clinical and community practices in depth in health, development and welfare sectors. Internship sessions are spread across different months (I-September, II-January-February, III- April, IV January- February)in Community and Hospital related organizations.


All theory papers have end semester written examinations and practical papers (Social work practical, Service Learning, and research project II) will have end semester viva voce examinations/demonstrations. Electives, skill lab and research project I will have internal evaluations only.


    To provide education and training on clinical and community practices.
    To enhance employability of students in the social development, health research and welfare sectors.
    To provide professional development oriented programmes based on research, community services and ethical practices.
    To provide a platform that enhances the creative, entrepreneurial and critical mind of the social work professionals.
    To nurture values of social responsibility, professionalism in delivery of services and capacities in integrating knowledge, attitude and practice.




Semester 1
Social Work Profession

Sociological Foundations

Human Growth and Behaviour

Social Case Wok

Community Organization and Social  Action

Social Group Work

Social Work Research Methods I

Skill Lab I

Social Work Practice I (Internship I)

Service Learning I


Human Rights and  Inclusion

Media and Social Work

Social Entrepreneurship

Natural Resource Management

Gender and Development

Youth Development



Semester 2
Theoretical Foundations for Social Work Practice

Rural and Urban Development & Governance

Project Cycle Management

Evidence Based Intervention, Advocacy and  Policy Making

Mental Health

Public Health

Social work  Research Methods II

Skill Lab II

Social Work Practice II (Internship II)

Social work Research Project I

Service Learning II




Semester 3
Global Perspectives on Child Rights and Protection

Statistical Applications

International Sustainable Development

Health and Development

Individual and Family Counseling

Group Counseling

Social Work Research Methods  III

Skill Lab III

Social Work Practice III  (Rural Camp  and Internship III)

Social Work Research Project II

Service Learning III


Social Legislations

Counseling and EAP

Humanitarian Emergencies

Child and Adolescent Mental Health

Health Promotional Programmes



Semester 4
Social Welfare Administration

Organizational Behavior and Development

Legislations, Policies and Programmes for Health

Clinical Social Work

Corporate Social Responsibility

Programmes and Policies for Development

Social Work Practice IV (Internship IV)

Practice Seminar

Service Learning IV








Open Electives