Sociology is that integral component of the Social Sciences which enhances the understanding of social reality. By doing this, it ensures greater efficiency and effectiveness in multiple fields.

The Masters Programme in Applied Sociology is conceived as a course that will provide a sound theoretical base for the understanding of contemporary social phenomena in conjunction with the skills necessary to apply this knowledge in various fields such as in the Government sector, Human Resources, NGO sector, Research and Project Management.

The course gives equal importance to classical and contemporary theories on one hand and a number of special fields of empirical Sociological studies on the other. This program balances papers which offer a strong grounding in theory and methods with others which impart skills. These skills are enhanced through the Workshops, Seminars, Panel Discussions, Guest Lectures and Field Visits that are organized and conducted for and by the students.

The program also incorporates two Internships in either an NGO or in the corporate sector and a Dissertation, the completion of which are deemed necessary for the successful completion of the program.

All these initiatives are undertaken in order to:


• Provide a sound foundation in Sociology, the theoretical frameworks and perspectives
• Equip the student to apply their sociological skills
• Learn the methods of social research
• Inculcate technical skills and mastery over software packages, such as SPSS, that are important for social science research
• Enhance academic writing skills
• Encourage lateral and analytical thinking
• Hone soft skills such as presentation skills and interpersonal skills
• Promote management and administrative abilities


The Department intends to ensure that the students internalize all these necessary elements through a pre planned semester which incorporates many activities, workshops, seminars, current affairs sessions, article reviews, colloquia and field visits.



Open Electives