Number of Hours: 45
Number of Credits: 2
Maximum Intake: 40
Eligibility: Undergraduate and Postgraduate students of Psychology  (Optional)
                  Undergraduate and Postgraduate Non- Psychology students (Mandatory)
Course Description
This course focuses on training and development in an organizational setting. It also focuses on equipping the students with an understanding of basic concepts in training, application and specific facilitating techniques and methodology.
Some of the main objectives are:
·   Increase one’s understanding of and confidence in training adults
·   Make sessions more enjoyable for adult learners.
·   Increase adult learner motivation, comprehension and retention.
·   Gain insight into structuring more effective training programmes.
·   Gain knowledge of the latest training methods and techniques.
·   Accelerate the development process.
·   Improve retention rates of participants.
·   Training in how dry or technical material can be more effectively delivered.
·   Have a thorough understanding of the 10 steps in Designing Training Programs.

Open Electives