Number of Hours: 45
Number of Credits: 2
Maximum Intake: 30
Eligibility: Undergraduate and Postgraduate students of Psychology  (Optional)
                  Undergraduate and Postgraduate Non- Psychology students (Mandatory)
Course Description
This is an interdisciplinary course that seeks to provide students with an understanding of the processes and structural mechanisms involved in the facilitation of peace and de-escalation and resolution of conflicts. Issues related to peace and conflict are discussed at macro levels such communities, organisations, intergroup and international agendas. The student will also debate on the philosophical underpinnings of the formation and role of societies, societal ideals of utopia and the underlying dystopia.
It aims to introduce students to the analysis of conflict, violence and peace. The course will examine conflicts at interpersonal, community and national / international levels. Students will gain an historical understanding of the nature of social conflict and will examine theories of the origins of conflict and violence. The course will also explore what peace with justice means in various settings. Diverse perspectives of peace and security will be examined including cultural, religious and feminist.

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