The Music courses aspire to create a genuine interest and appreciation for western classical music (voice and piano) among students. It focuses on basics like theory of music as well as ear training and sight reading in the initial semester, and advances to core subjects like Harmony and Counterpoint in the later semesters. Courses offered also trace the evolution of classical music through various eras and exposes students to the use of music in various fields. In addition to this each student will also be majoring in voice/piano over the course of six semesters. The course maintains a good balance between theory and practical knowledge along with numerous opportunities for stage performances. Music as a subject itself goes much beyond just academics, and the programme is structured in a way to be able to contribute to each individual’s life and make a difference through music. Students will also enjoy the option of learning wind instruments as an open elective course."



The psychology subject seeks to introduce the students to various psychological processes and familiarize them with different branches of psychology with a view to developing a holistic outlook towards life and prepare them for a great career ahead.


English Studies

Literature is an important cultural product of a society or a nation. Hence, the study of literature offers insights into the worldviews of different societies. This course begins with traditional British literature to the present. The course also introduces students to other literatures namely American world, postcolonial and also the Indian literature in translation. The course also introduces students to interdisciplinary studies in culture and gender helping them to gain insights from other disciplines like history, anthropology, sociology etc.

Open Electives