Number of hours: 45
Number of credits: 2  
Maximum Intake: 40
Eligibility: Undergraduate and Postgraduate students of Psychology (Optional)
Undergraduate and Postgraduate Non- Psychology students (Mandatory)
Course Description
Life skills are defined as “the abilities that enable individuals to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of everyday life” (WHO definition, 1993).Life skill programmes are designed with the objective to enhance the well-being in young students and empower them to effectively cope with risky situations they encounter in daily lives.The learning objectives are to:
·   Develop positive psychological and physical outlook in oneself
·   Enhance healthy behaviors
·   Improve interpersonal relationships
·   Recognize and avoid risky situations and behaviors
·   Self actualization/ a successful person /better wo/men for others
A life skills manual will be followed for the course.The manual is made up of six different individual modules.
·   Module 1: Introduction to the program and getting started
·   Module 2: Knowing myself – Self Awareness
·   Module 3: Communication – Interpersonal Relationships.
·   Module 4: Decision Making Problem-Solving.
·   Module 5: Coping with Emotions
·   Module 6: Growing Up.
Each of the modules takes the learners through a series of interactive activities, Discussion, Group Activities, Psycho Education, Role Plays, PPT Presentation, Videos, Games, etc., which stimulate both group and individual learning with the specific aim of developing life skills.
The methodology for evaluation will be through Record Work (50), Attendance (10), Class Participation (10), Viva (30).

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