Number of hours: 45
Number of credits: 2
Maximum Intake: 40
Eligibility: Undergraduate and Postgraduate students of Psychology (Optional)
                  Undergraduate and Postgraduate Non- Psychology students (Mandatory)
Course Description
The aim of this certificate course is to orient students to the field of health psychology. In the fast paced world we live in today, people are developing many health problems and a lot of them are a result of a stressful and faulty lifestyle. An increasingly technology- driven era, is increasingly leading to people feeling isolated, despite being constantly connected to the rest of the world.
Mental health is an area that is being increasingly researched for its role in physical health issues.  Many individuals are turning to meditation, yoga and other spiritual practices for peace and solace. Health psychology plays a key role in understanding the interface between psychological and physical aspects of health and overall well being. Health psychology has immense importance in the prevention and management of chronic diseases. 
Through this course students would be able to examine the relationship between psychological, physical, behavioural, social and environmental factors and their interaction with ones health and well being. They would also get an understanding of various health hazards and the role of psychology in preventing and managing chronic health problems. It would make them aware of the health - illness continuum and help them adapt to their environments better. Lectures, class discussions and visits to health centres would be used to meet the objectives of this course.

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