Number of Hours: 45 (15 hours of theory and 30 hours of practicum)

Number of Credits: 2
Maximum Intake: 40
Eligibility: Undergraduate and Postgraduate students of Psychology  (Optional)
                    Undergraduate and Postgraduate students of Non- Psychology students (Mandatory)


Course Description
‘Creative dance therapy’ is the therapeutic use of expressive movement to achieve a balance between emotional, cognitive, social and physical facets in individuals.  This discipline uses body movement to enhance emotional / physical and mental integration in individuals.  It brings about positive changes in feelings, cognition, physical functioning and behaviour. It is used with normal functioning people as well as those with emotional, behavioural, perceptual and physical challenges.This introductory course incorporates basic level theory and practice of Creative Dance Therapy. Sessions will train students to build their awareness, appreciation and enhance their knowledge of dance as a therapeutic modality. The course will expose students to the theoretical framework and Practical application of movement activities with different kinds of populations with therapeutic needs.Topics covered will be: Evolution, Principles, Goals, approaches and techniques in movement therapy used in groups and individual work.  Students will also experience their own personal journey through physical process work, do readings from textbooks and journals, have discussions on various aspects of movement therapy and its links to psychology.


Open Electives